Mobile Apps in the World of Enterprise Software: Where Do They Fit?

Isn’t it a great achievement to launch a hundred applications for employees? However, according to the recent study that looks into this sphere, a better deployment strategy is based on the targeted and small launches, regarding the fact that companies find enterprise application development too expensive.

The findings also found some obvious facts, such as that IT and technology organizations are leaders among mobile enterprise apps producers, and that applications that encourage and support those who work in the sphere of marketing and sales are widely used. Thus, they have also found an interesting fact: the best and the most successful launches were made in the organizations that limited the number of apps to one or two for a small group of workers.

Where the applications are now?

It is quite natural that Technology companies are moving ahead with mobile applications. There are more than 25% of organizations utilize mobile apps. After them goes the IT-sphere (11%), consulting (11%), public sector (11%), finance (8,5%), healthcare (7,5%), and mass communications (6,5%).

Most of these applications were developed for such roles as sales marketing, field services, HR, IT utilities, and office productivity. Launching mobile applications for enterprise lead to even more applications. Some companies have really big app portfolios that contain more than a hundred of them.

Where the applications are going?

Rebecca Wetteman, vice president of research, enterprise applications at Nucleus Research, says that the pulled down prices for app development changes the entire policy of the creating and utilizing process. The lower cost changes what exactly is made, for whom it is made, and how long it is going to serve. This also is related to the new concept of  “single-use application”, she claims, which is expected to appear in 2017.

“The decreasing price for mobile applications also means that I can start one for a promotion or an event because the cost is low,” she says.

Another turn she expects in 2017 is to focus on the tablet features and applications since more and more companies send their employees on the road with tablets which are more convenient to use than traditional laptops.

The other predicted change is more communication – extending video, voice, text messaging, etc. These apps will be dedicated exclusively to employee contact and communication. Moreover, the productivity applications will also develop within themselves allowing even more opportunities to access a lot of databases and sources from any place.

Of course, these applications that allow communication and data access are amazing, and apps are conquering companies becoming mandatory to have. Today you will hardly find a successful and large company that ignores the convenience of enterprise-oriented apps. Applications are touching not only IT and Technologies spheres, but almost every industry under the sun somehow utilizes mobile applications. There is no such CIO who does not think about the ways of encouraging and enabling their employees.

Applications are touching not only IT and Technologies spheres, but almost every industry under the sun somehow utilizes mobile applications. There is no such CIO who does not think about the ways of encouraging and enabling their employees.

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2015 – a Year of Mobile Enterprise

The APP Solutions Company possesses strong expertise in mobile and web development, as well as in complex server solutions for international companies.

Currently we’re focused on creation of software solutions for Enterprises which definitely is a crucial element of modern business development.

We are sure your company has already faced challenges of modern mobile tendencies, such as linking mobile platforms to existing databases, dedicating software budget to mobile application development and management etc.

According to our survey, 35% of large enterprises will leverage mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy mobile apps across their organizations in 2015. 30-40% of organizations deploying more than five mobile applications in 2015 will realize substantial business agility benefits by establishing an API tier in their enterprise IT architecture.

Over 50% of large organizations will invest in enhanced enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities to secure apps and data in 2015. These figures are truly revealing as to the importance of the paradigm shift in technologies that mobile is dictating.

The APP Solutions is actively involved in these emerging development processes in large and medium companies. Our strong expertise and experienced development teams make up the foundation of our corporate clients success. Reliable full-time dedicated teams and reasonable hourly rates will help you benefit from implementing mobile strategy for your business.

We’re always open to discuss all these questions with you in more detail and provide you with detailed information concerning our expertise in your business field.

Building Enterprise mobile solutions today secures your is the first step to an efficient and profitable enterprise tomorrow.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Believe it or not the industry of enterprise mobile application development has a promising future, one that could lead to a billion-dollar market. At one time cloud applications were all the rage, but now mobile apps are increasing in popularity and are set to enter into a $100 billion market. Today, mobile enterprise is following closely in the footsteps of its predecessor, cloud application enterprise.

The ease of this movement can be attributed to the incredible accessibility and affordability of mobile technologies. What’s more, mobile technologies are seemingly more user friendly than cloud technologies, thereby making the mobile applications an incredibly viable enterprise. Nevertheless, mobile applications have hidden benefits that many are unaware of: The fact that the apps will make the mobile app technology pervasively accessible for businesses, particularly those in distant locations and underserved business sectors.


Mobile technologies penetration around the world

While there are over three billion people who work in some job position around the world, a mere 20 percent of all the people get access to the mobile technologies needed to help make their job easier and to make their performance more efficient. This means about 2.5 million individuals aren’t getting access to the advanced, simple technologies they could use to make their job performance more effective.

For instance, a look at the construction industry reveals less than 1 percent of all of construction revenue, which is $8 trillion per year, is used on Internet technologies. Or look at the industry of manufacturing, with some 40 million workers, being the fourth largest industry in all the world, uses a mere 2 percent of its revenue for the purposes of Internet technologies.

Many workers without technology at their disposal reside in developing countries. Out of the 2.5 billion people who do not have access to mobile or Internet technologies:

  • 50 percent of those individuals reside in the Asia Pacific
  • 10 percent are in the Middle East and Africa
  • another 10 percent are in Latin America

However, the latter figures may soon change as mobile technologies is a force to be reckoned with and is poised for actually capitalizing on this gap in the market.

The opportunity of enterprise mobile app development 

The opportunity of enterprise mobile app development is tremendous. Let’s consider some facts to determine the potential impact mobile technologies will have on the industry. Imagine the following scenario. The 2.5 billion people without access to various technologies, do not work at a desk. Imagine monetizing each person at about $40 annually, which is a thread of what desk workers spend on technology, and you’re looking at a $100 billion potential market, all of which could be consumed by mobile applications and devices because of their affordability and accessibility.

This kind of sizeable opportunity is huge and something that has not been seen in the past as far as technological enterprises are concerned. This means that an industry that might be able to take full advantage of smartphones and their current features can make use of an enterprise mobile solution for business.

Construction businesses could make use of mobile apps and cameras to make customer quotes or the devices can be used for making communications between workers on site and headquarters faster and more efficient. Those who work in the field of transportation and delivery could make use of mobile tools like phone billing, signature collection, and maps with driving directions.

What’s more, with the biggest opportunity in India presently being the healthcare market, the mobile healthcare apps are bound to prove profitable as well. As of this moment, there are 500 startups that have started up a fund that will be used as an investment in mobile health in Africa, China, and India.

Enterprise application development cost

It takes highly specialized resource and expertise to make an enterprise app that covers all business needs. But the rewards for getting it right can be enormously lucrative.

Answering the question, “What is the cost to develop an enterprise app?”, there is no determined price. To build an app for enterprise is more complex as it could seem.

An accurate cost estimate depends on the number of factors.

Hereby we gathered the app development cost drivers:

  • The number of platforms and devices that will be supported
  • The number of enterprise systems the app will interact with
  • The number and kind of features implemented in app
  • The size of app development team: basic or extended
  • The cost of labor

When it comes to hiring enterprise application development company you should take into account the following.

Assembling the right team players is extremely challenging in itself, so you have to explore the market carefully. You need individuals who are highly skilled and focused on a particular area of expertise.

Have a look at the chart below to get understanding about development prices in different regions.

If you are looking for low prices and high quality turn your attention to developers from Eastern Europe and from Ukraine in particular.

How to start?

So what is necessary in order to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity and to establish a mobile enterprise that can address the growing needs of the mobile market? Here’s a few things to consider:

Capitalize on the Original

If you want to truly capitalize on the mobile enterprise opportunity, focus on that which is original, unique, and different in the existing market. Mix the unique with the best, most coveted features, and you’ll have a winning mobile solution perfect for addressing the needs of the mobile market.

Consider using the best features of the smartphone like voice navigation and control, GPS, cameras, and sensors as an advantageous tool. Consider an app like Expensify that relies on the use of the camera in a device to take images of expense-related receipts.

Lean on Those Who’ve Gone Before You

Look at the best of the best in terms of mobile platforms. Consider how Salesforce and Box might help you out as you start to scale your mobile enterprise. Also, you might want to mirror the behaviors and practices of different companies that have reached an international market and use the example to figure out ways to expand your own enterprise. Partnering up with another business to offer innovative mobile solutions is another method you can undertake: One that can prove considerably successful.

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World Wide Orientation

When it comes to mobile enterprise a lot of developers are keeping their attentions local. However, if you consider addressing international needs, it can be to your benefit. Mobile space is definitely a wide-open range when it comes to mobile enterprise and the opportunity can land you a serious edge above the competition.

When planning your enterprise from the start, don’t forget to consider how you’ll eventually expand into the international market as well. Bear in mind when you are planning your enterprise that some 70 percent of all the great opportunities are going to be beyond current developed mobile markets. Of course, make sure you make your product localized as well.

Ready Yourself

Technology is bringing about an evolution in mobile enterprise, and those wise enough to ride the wave will assuredly benefit from the boom in the market. The pace the mobile market is currently growing at is clearly evidence of its potential in years to come. A smart developer will definitely jump on the opportunity presented.

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