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Healthcare software development is one of the most demanding types of work. You need to constantly keep in mind that you are making a product for a particular audience. Many of the users may need special needs, which must be considered. Therefore, having an original idea in mind that will improve life and improve the quality of health of others is only the first step towards a full-fledged "mechanism." That is a health application that will not drown in the first months due to the pressure of competitors but will be able to both become a useful tool for users and bring profit to the creators.

Medical Practice Management Software

This technology is requested for maintaining clinical workflow and optimizing everyday operations. It assists in keeping medical records, setting appointments, managing finances, and accounting activities.

Electronic Health Record Software

This design allows the maintenance and management of patient data in electronic records. The reports stored include information about allergies, laboratory conclusions, demographic statistics, etcetera.

Data Management and Warehousing

Collecting, analyzing, organizing, and storing big data helps doctors collect statistical data. Millions of case histories, medical studies and scientific discoveries - all this is stored in databases with proper processing

E-Prescribing Software

The technology allows sending medical prescriptions directly to drug stores and pharmacies. It strengthens the connections within the healthcare industry and serves the patient's comfort, above all.

Healthcare CRM

This software type works with customer management. The main task is to maintain better relations with clients - meaning better care quality, contact management, and accurate performance reports.

Predictive Analytics Software

A platform for the analytics of records. Such healthcare software developments not only systematize information, but also help to apply it to certain groups of patients and doctors.

HIPAA/GDPR Compliance

No medical application development solution we make comes out without strict adherence to global privacy standards. In particular, those officially approved in the US, Canada, and the EU.

Medical Devices Integration

A vendor-independent software solution that automatically collects and integrates vital patient data from various medical devices into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system wirelessly.


Orb Health's Care Management as a Service enables health centers, systems, hospitals, and unions to scale contact centers and deliver care management programs as a guided service. It simplifies the healthcare journey, maximizes patient outcomes, and enables financial success from fee-for-service to value-based care, without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.


Calmerry is a secure e-counseling platform that makes therapy accessible and affordable to anyone. We connect clients with fully-licensed, thoroughly vetted therapists who draw on evidence-based approaches. We are developing a Web and Mobile HIPAA compliant platform for licensed therapists with video calls, real-time chat, and a subscription model. The platform raised 5M seed funding, generated revenue and shows 100% MoM growth.


Bueno is an app that gathers all health-related information into one place. On the one hand, it is made to provide patients with comprehensive knowledge about their conditions, prescriptions, and lab results, with the ability to contact their practitioner or care team anytime via chat. On the other hand, Bueno provides up-to-date information about the state of the patient’s insurance, including individual deductible and benefits highlights.


After the COVID-19 outbreak, our client faced the need to provide patients with a distance communication solution to decrease the number of offline visits while enabling doctors to monitor vital patient health data and streamline communication with a laboratory.

Real-time DNA diagnostic application

We are developing a project for streaming DNA sequencing data collected from Oxford Nanopore Technologies MiniON sequencers. The project idea is to analyze pathogens affecting hospital patients with sepsis conditions. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition, and without proper treatment, a patient can die in 24-48 hours. Therefore, software should detect pathogens and also their antibiotic-resistant genes. This information will help doctors to select the best medications for treatment.

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FAQ about Healthcare Software Development Services!

How do we develop healthcare software?

Each case is unique. Therefore, we use an individual approach for each client. But usually, the software development starts from the planning and solution-design phase; then, we make an MVP in 3-6 months. After successful launching, we continue to develop and maintain the solution. You can read more about our development approach here

How long does it take to develop a healthcare app?

It takes from three months until the last correction is made. It all depends on the team size who will work on the project, its complexity, and your willingness to invest. Usually, we provide the correct estimation after an inception phase.

How much does healthcare software may cost?

Depending on your wishes and terms of implementation - from $ 30,000 per month for minimal team setup.

What are the Main Types of Healthcare Software?

In our portfolio, we have examples of cases with solutions like Medical Practice Management Software, Electronic Health Record Software (EHR/EMR/PHR), E-Prescribing Software, Healthcare CRM, Predictive Analytics, HIPAA/GDPR Compliance, Medical Devices Integration and others. Have a look at our all public case studies on the portfolio page.

What is most important when developing software?

During this phase, our management works together with you to establish key project details, requirements, cost estimations and thus be able to lay out a clear timeline. The goal of the inception phase is to come up with a clearly defined scope, which requires involving a few vital roles, such as a Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and UI/UX Designer.

As a result, you get clear and detailed technical documentation that helps launch the solution from its inception phase. You also get 3-4 blueprints of design proposals, precise estimations of further implementation, and a resource plan for the next step.

Read more about inception phase here

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