What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation increases your engineering team’s capacity through an external vendor. Yes, when you are shorthanded.

With it, you can have instant access to a wider talent pool and decrease the risk and extra cost of internal hire.

This process removes the overheads associated with sourcing, recruiting, training, and retaining talent. Using this service, you can meet your engineering goals.


Access the top 1% of talent at a fraction of the price
We’ve already done the rigorous testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities, so you don’t have to.
Skip recruitment delays
We assemble the right team of experts and onboard them in record time.
You only see the best matches
We test all candidates on their soft skills and do background checks to ensure culture-fit alignment.

Staff augmentation VS Outsourcing / Dedicated team VS Product Development Services

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  1. You are managing engineering roadmap. Targets are aggressive, but you are shorthanded.
  2. You want to cut operational cost but still get things done.
  3. You want to extend your current team with some missing technology.
  4. You want to have an easy way to scale up or down the team size
  5. You don’t want to wait 5-8 weeks with traditional hire
  6. You don’t want administrative burden

​​Staff augmentation plays a transformative role across various sectors. This approach isn’t just about filling seats; it’s about empowering your business with the flexibility and diversity of talent you need to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing market.

Innovation usually doesn’t come from just working harder. Instead, it often comes from looking at problems in a new way. And this is the moment when extra staff can help.

Even Google hires extra help when they need it. They bring in 

people who work for a short time, like freelancers and also use staff augmentation services, to do all sorts of jobs, from data labeling to complex AI engineering.

Staff augmentation helps companies like Google to ramp up or down quickly when they want. They can team up with people who are experts without promising to keep them for a long time.




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    In business

  • 95% NPS

    We commit to customer happiness

Compliance experience
Integration expertise
We’re certified and experienced healthcare technologists

Top five business intelligence solutions

To leverage the aforementioned advantages, we have evaluated the top five business intelligence solutions in the healthcare industry for you.

Tableau stands out as a premier data analytics platform, boasting extensive functionality and machine learning features. Its user-friendliness is highlighted by a straightforward drag-and-drop workflow, enabling even non-technical users to easily create various visual representations like line charts, graphs, and histograms.
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Power BI
Power BI, crafted by Microsoft, is a user-centric business intelligence tool that facilitates the creation of interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations. Its capacity for integration and advanced analytics functions make it a preferred option in the healthcare sector.
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QlikSense is known for its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature and robust capabilities for data exploration. The platform’s associative model supports dynamic exploration and the discovery of hidden insights, proving invaluable for the visualization of intricate medical data.
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Sisense simplifies the process for organizations to extract business insights from complex data of any size or format. This tool enables users to merge data and discover insights through a single interface, without needing scripting, coding, or IT support. Sisense, marketed as a comprehensive solution, combines data preparation and modeling at the backend with extensive analytical tools and a frontend for dashboard creation and visualization. It’s particularly suited for organizations aiming to analyze vast data from diverse sources.
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Looker, part of Google’s offerings, provides a robust and scalable analytics and business intelligence platform. Known for its strengths in data exploration, collaboration, and integration, it also offers a user-friendly experience. However, potential adopters should weigh factors such as the learning curve, cost, connectivity limits, customization options, and available support before deciding.
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  • We start working. You don’t start paying.
    We collect all data relevant to your hiring strategy.
  • We source, pre-screen andinterview the candidates.
    Only the best will be greenlighted.
  • Meet your candidates.
    Interview and test your future teammates however you like.
  • Celebrate your hire.
    We’ll take care of all the boring stuff while you onboard your newest team member.


Why choose staff augmentation, and what’s the business’s key benefit?

Staff augmentation boosts your team instantly, accessing top talent at a fraction of the cost, solving capacity issues, and slashing internal hiring risks.

How does staff augmentation fast-track recruitment, ensuring the best matches?

Skip delays with expert teams onboarded in record time. Rigorous testing guarantees the best-matched candidates, tested for soft skills and background checks.

When is staff augmentation a game-changer for businesses managing tight resources?

For those handling aggressive engineering roadmaps, cutting operational costs, filling tech gaps, and needing quick team scalability without the traditional hiring wait.

Staff augmentation vs. outsourcing – what’s the difference, and how to choose?

Staff augmentation extends your team, outsourcing involves vendors, and dedicated teams lie in between. Choose based on integration needs, in-house involvement, quality ownership, and cost.

Any standout case study? How did staff augmentation play a role, especially with a giant like Google?

Absolutely! Google’s 3-month project evolved into a 3-year collaboration, showcasing how staff augmentation seamlessly scales to meet the dynamic needs of industry leaders.

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