Finding customers that will come back, again and again, is a process that is different for every application. For email and social methods, this is no different. The number of users, the frequency with which the app is used and many other factors need to be considered by mobile marketers.

Comparing and considering the benefit of each is something that will help mobile marketers direct their efforts. Determining which is better for businesses will certainly make a difference when it comes to finances and app success.

Social Benefits

The main difference between social methods and email methods is that an organic social approach fetches a huge volume of users while email gets high-value users. In a world that is becoming more and more connected, this is not surprising.

Due to the users acquired, mobile-first publishers should choose organic social marketing methods as their first choice for user acquisition. This method outranks many others that may seem to be extremely effective, but simply do not compare. The outranked methods include video ads, emails, and even installs that come with appealing incentives.

Those that will benefit most from this social organic install source will more often than not be small publishers. As a smaller or startup company, chances are the budget will be limited. Social methods are a more appealing option for small businesses that are still building their user bases. This is a good place to start acquisition on a budget.

This social method will attract medium-value users. This means that the cost of using this method returns less, but the cost of the acquisition is less as well. Mobile developers that put the focus on this method will generally end up with more attractive spreadsheets of results as they will be making some money and spending less than they would with email.

There is no better way to go about marketing for the purpose of acquiring users for a particular organization. Each business is changing, and the market is changing as well. This means that the best method probably isn’t just one thing but a combination of many different tactics at once. It has been shown that the most successful in business use many different methods that include optimization in the app store as well as PR.

Email Benefits

Email marketing methods of acquiring users is a tactic that has been around for a long time. This is not just because the email has been around longer but because this method works. In order for this method to be effective, the company has to have a large base of users that trust the company and what they offer. Though this is not something that can be built overnight, the relationship is something that can be very beneficial in acquiring mobile users via email.

It has been shown that companies that put their time and effort into feeling out their existing customers via email to convert to mobile have a huge success rate. The fact that the company enjoys such a high conversion rate and lifetime value is what makes this a favorite tactic among traditional marketers.

There are companies that have executed mobile user acquisition by email well and those that have not quite mastered the tactic. As always companies and marketers need to do a thorough analysis of the method and the potential for success for their venture. This will help marketing teams to optimize their campaigns and use them more effectively for the specific acquisition method and in general.

The size of the company and the budget do not matter when the company uses the mobile user acquisition method that suits them. This will help to maximize success and mobile marketing reach.

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