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A Detailed Description of Uber Tech Stack

Learn about technologies that power the Uber taxi app and how the company has changed the architecture over time.

Meet The Table business event management and networking platform

We are working on Meet The Table, the platform with job marketplace for effective networking of Korean business people and locals from New York.

Marketplace Development Guide

Learn about the phases of building a marketplace business and popular monetization strategies to apply.

Augmented reality in retail

Learn about the main augmented reality applications in retail, essential AR technology stack, and how much AR retail mobile apps cost.

ecommerce conversion rate optimization

Learn about the most effective eCommerce CRO strategies and adapt them to your eCommerce website.

Microservices Architecture vs Monolithic Architecture

Everything you need to know about monolithic vs microservices, their pros and cons, and what to use for a business app.

Mobile app HIPAA compliance

Learn about the HIPAA rules for healthcare mobile apps and follow our advice to make your application HIPAA-compliant.

remote project management processes

Find out about essential problems in remote project management and how to solve them.

Starting a Food Meal Kit Delivery Service

Check out this ready-to-market strategy for starting a subscription meal kit delivery service.

Best Software for Distance Learning

We overview the best tools for remote teaching that improve the way you teach students.

elearning web development

Learn how to leverage GCP components for developing the back-end of a custom on-demand education marketplace and save time and money.

ai trends in ecommerce

We highlight the best usage of AI tools in online retail, how to select one and improve your online store profitability.