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We know of the chatbot benefits, but what are the challenges in creating a chatbot for business? Check out our take on this issue.


What is Ad Tech? How does it work? Is it really that good? What are the benefits of its use? An elaborate assorted collection of answers to these and other questions.


Performance testing is one of the central parts of software testing routine as it directly deals with the software capabilities to do what it supposed to do.


What is Quality assurance testing? What are the benefits of using QA? Automatic and manual testing. Performance testing. Role of QA in development process.

The Results of the 2017 and What’s Waiting for Us in 2018 in Web Development

From our experience at the Collision and the WebSummit, check out the top trends of the 2017 and predictions for 2018.

Know What You're Paying for or How Ads.txt Help to Fight AdTech Fraud

Being scammed and paying for the ad space that you do not get is a big problem of programmatic ads. What's the right solution? How to avoid fraud. Read more.

The Insider's’ Guide to UI/UX Design & Trends for 2018

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Helping Startups Grow at the WebSummit 2017

The APP Solutions worked together with a rising e-commerce startup to find investments for the product. Here are their experience and lifehacks.

Reasons why you must write Technical specification firsthand in Project Development

Why Technical specification matters? What do you get for describing the product in excruciating detail? Here is why it is the most critical stage of the project.

Making Everyday Outfit Choice Easier Using an AI Driven App

Who wants a personal stylist who helps with fashionable look every day? Here’s how to make clothes matching application with help of Artificial Intelligence

How to create an app for iPhone the perfect way

Have you wondered how to make successful iPhone app? if done right it can work miracles. Here's a step-by-step guide how to get started with app development.

Best Practices for Cloud Security

Cloud offers are amazing opportunities. But you need to be sure that your data is safety. Check out the best practices regarding data security in our blog.