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Artificial Intelligence in The Education Sector

Discover essential usages of Artificial Intelligence in education and ways it can improve the educational process for both students and teachers.

Deadlines in Software Development

You need to track different factors to have things done in a timely manner, especially if you are dealing with a deadline in software development.

Fashion and technology

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage in the crowded niche of fashion e-commerce by adopting AI, ML, and VR solutions for your online store.

Computer Vision in the Medical Field

Computer vision in healthcare has a lot to offer: it is already helping radiologists, surgeons, and other doctors. This technology can also partially substitute professional training for doctors and primary skin cancer screening.

Stages of Logistics Mobile App Development

Find out how your logistics business can benefit from mobile technologies, and how to develop a mobile logistics app to receive higher profit and more satisfied customers.

Luxury Boats and Yacht Charter Apps

Find out how to build a magnificent luxury yacht chartering app for wealthy Millennials and solve the essential yacht chartering industry problems.

Uber for private jets

Learn how to develop an airplane flight share app and its development cost from this article.

AI for Beauty

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the beauty industry.

Luxury websites and app development trends

Read this article to learn about luxury web and mobile development to drive your high-end brand.

quality assurance and software testing for mobile projects

Learn about the project testing flow our outsource mobile app development company applies when building a project from scratch.

On-Demand Medical Cannabis Delivery App

An on-demand Uber-like marijuana delivery app will close the gap between offline sellers and online buyers.

Discovery Phase of Software Projects

In this article, we talk about the inception phase, its main deliverables, and the inception phase packages we provide to clients.