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Geolocation beacons explained

In this article, we will explain what beacon technology is, how it works, and how beacons are used in different business operations.

What is a business analyst's role in project development

From this article, you will learn who are business analysts, how they are involved in the development process, and what tools they use.

Why data security and privacy matters

Since companies are responsible for the safety of the user’s data, they should be aware of how to protect it.

Top 4 PHP Frameworks to use in 2019

Since there are too many options, to find the best framework becomes challenging. In this article, you will find tips to choose the best PHP framework for your business.

secure messenger

Secure messenger market is one of the fastest growing in the software industry. Find out their business models and ways how they generate revenue.

How How eCommerce uses Machine Learning Applications

From this article, you will learn how online retail adopts big data and machine learning, and apply them in various use cases.

Hire App Developers Near Me or Outsource Overseas

If you faced with a dilemma “should I find app developers near me or it is better to outsource them?" in this article you will find the answer.


Business intellegence analysts are in high demand, but what do they actually do? Learn about BI analysts' role in business operations and their benefits to a modern company.


The modern market is flooded with different natural language processing tools for various use cases. In this article, we will look at the most popular NLP processing tools for applications development, their features, and use cases.


What is Multilayer Perceptron? How does MLP work? Check out the most prominent business usage cases

passport scan

PassportScan Project gave our team an opportunity to test out and get expertise in setting up an optimized workflow for hotel check-in using image recognition and text classification

Convolutional neural networks

Check out the most prominent applications of neural networks - сonvolutional neural networks and see how it is applied and what kind of benefits it brings to the business.