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This is our blog. We like to write about things we are doing. You can find here all sorts of useful stuff - tech overviews, news, tips and tricks and sweet sleek insights into IT-industry, etc, etc. We are working very hard to make it a tech content goldmine.

Our guest, Prabha Dublish, Senior Product Manager Grow Therapy, talks about her passion for businesses, encouraging women of color to break into product development, product marketing at Meta, metrics, and tips on cultivating strong team.


Electronic Health Records have become a major cornerstone of the modern health system and a must-have for any medical organization. Learn about Epic and Cerner EHR, two major vendors, and which one to choose for your health information management project.


How AI algorithms are used for health assessment in their app. Yuval also talks about the differences between working in the public and private sectors and the challenges of information overload for decision-making.


Ready to streamline your healthcare data exchange and integration systems? Check out our article to learn about Mirth and how it can transform your healthcare organization.


Estee Goldschmidt, VP of Product Management at Parsley Health, shares her experience with launching startups, managing international product development teams, and her customer-obsessed approach to product management.


Are you tired of managing multiple patient data sources that never seem to integrate correctly? InterSystems has the solution for you! Check out this article to know everything about InterSystems.


Discover the HL7 and FHIR interoperability standards in medical records exchange, their similarities, and differences to build a modern health data-sharing system for seamless exchange. Learn more in this comprehensive guide.


Lindsay Donfeld, MBA, Sr. Manager Veradigm, talks about her experience as a product leader, the importance of customer-centricity, defining success criteria for teams and products, cultivating teambuilding habits.


Qured is a cutting-edge healthcare solution that engages companies in GB on a journey to better health. Its mobile application offers personalized testing, pain-free blood collection, video consultations with clinicians.


Learn from Paul Norton, Assistant Director of Product Solutions at Oscar Health, about his journey and insights on healthcare technology, product ownership, and the future of healthcare.

fhir standard exchanging data

Have you ever wondered whether implementing FHIR in your healthcare organization is a good idea? Well, let us demystify the FHIR Standard and explain why you should switch. FHIR Standard: Is it Worth Implementing for Healthcare Organizations?

integrate hl7

HL7 Integration is a process that enables the seamless exchange of data between healthcare systems. Learn how it is done and the benefits it provides for your healthcare company.