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Guide to Machine Learning Applications

Learn how machine learning is applied in major fields and see whether your business, as well as your customers, can benefit from this incredible technology.

AIVersus - TV RAIN Conversational UI

Our team had a chance to work on a project that trained two AI systems with the aim to ask them questions, including about the political situation in Russia and Ukraine. We present you AIVersus.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of those technologies that is so deeply entrenched in our everyday life, we don’t even notice it.

Why Business Applies Sentiment Analysis

Most prominent sentiment analysis examples and the ways they benefit different businesses.

Cross-Platform Data Analytics - ECO Project Case Study

One of our clients needed a custom big data analytics system, and that was the task set before the APP Solutions' team of developers and PMs. Read about our approach and solution.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

All people have their own opinions about everything. How to do sentiment analysis and what are sentiment analysis features businesses can benefit from?

Guide to Unsupervised Machine Learning

The real-life applications abound and our data scientists, engineers, and architects can help you define your expectations and create custom ML solutions for your business. Learn what unsupervised ML algorithms can do.

Guide to Supervised Machine Learning

The vast majority of business cases for machine learning use supervised machine learning algorithms to enhance the quality of work and reach business goals. Learn more about real-life applications for supervised ML.

Cloud Dataflow for Nanopore DNA Sequencers

We have teamed up with Google Cloud Platform developers and researchers from the University of Queensland to create an end-to-end streaming pipeline for pathogen detection on Google Cloud Platform.

Predictive Analytics for Personalized Healthcare

Predictive analytics in the healthcare system is one of the most useful big data applications because the data can potentially save people's lives. Learn more in our article.

How Data Science Transforms Healthcare in 2019

Modern healthcare equipment generates a lot of health data, and this is where Big Data applications can help. Learn more about predictive analytics and data in healthcare.

Conversational interfaces

Conversational UI is slowly but surely becoming a commonplace of the customer services thanks to machine learning and NLP. How can they enhance your users' experience - check out in the article.