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healthcare mobile apps

In this article, we overview the main types of mobile apps for healthcare, examples with features and regulations in different countries for mHealth mobile apps.


Machine learning is a method that has catalyzed progress in the predictive analytics field, while predictive analytics is one of the machine learning applications. There is no problem that predictive analytics can solve, but machine learning cannot.


What you need to pay attention to when creating a medical application in 2021: trends, statistics, pitfalls. Benefits of working with The APP Solutions.


Orb Health is a scalable patient access and coordination service that delivers immediate clinical and financial outcomes.


The APP Solutions presented itself at the Web Summit 2021 as a developer and executor of medical solutions. Working with AI is a priority.


Bueno is the app that gathers all health-related information in one place. It provides all the necessary data for users about their health, and connects them with their care team.


Epic software is an application created to help doctors manage electronic medical records. How to Integrate Epic EHR/EMR?


What is the difference between data mining and predictive analytics? How do they work with healthcare?

Personal Finance App

Financial apps are in increasing demand as people around the world are beginning to understand the importance of budgeting

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become an effective solution for Enterprise business processes automation

create a freelance marketplace

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build a marketplace for freelancers and the cost estimation for such a project.

google cloud services

In this article, we will review Google Cloud services which could help you build great Big Data applications.