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google cloud services

In this article, we will review Google Cloud services which could help you build great Big Data applications.

a proof of concept of a video streaming application

We built a proof of concept of a video streaming application to ensure the ownership of the tech expertise in video streaming app development.

Project Management for Software Development

The APP Solutions successfully delivers software development projects thanks to clear developed processes of project setup, management, and timely communication between departments and the client.

 Logistics software development tips

Read about emerging technologies in the supply chain and logistics industries and the benefits of developing a logistics software, its main functions, and components.

Elastic Search Tutorial

In this article, you will find answers to almost all questions, that you should ask before using a new database.

create a custom Mental health app

Learn how to utilize modern technologies in modern mental health applications, and how to develop an app for mental health from scratch.

Outstaffing vs Outsourcing vs Managed Services

Things you didn't know about outstaffing vs outsourcing vs managed services highlighted by the Delivery Manager, their comparison, and pros and cons of each working model.

Developing projects with high loads: The APP Solutions approach

What is a light load, and why does it matter? The article tells about our approaches to high-load projects and architecture optimization.

We are a Top Cloud Computing Company

The APP Solutions have been instrumental in rendering top-class services in mobile app development, Big Data Analytics, UI/UX designing, e-commerce, and other related services along with state-of-the-art cloud computing services.

Developing a clubhouse-like app

Learn about the podcasting industry insights and technologies to develop a Clubhouse-like mobile app.

 Feature prioritization for the Project’s MVP

Features prioritization is the first step the development team makes to the project MVP creation. Such a step requires project managers, business analysts, and clients to work closely together.

code refactoring

Does code refactoring have business value? This article explains code refactoring, when projects need it, and why you should ask your development team about code refactoring beforehand.