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Launching a new mobile application project presents numerous challenges for the entrepreneur. This category aims to answer the most popular questions about app development outsourcing, promotion, and thrive on the market.

This piece delves into a journey to success in health tech product development, shedding light on the role of AI and machine learning tools during the product discovery phase.


Dive into the highlights of our podcast conversation with Russell Taff, focusing on evolving engineering careers and the nuances of product management.


Learn about the dimensions of coaching, technical product management, and engineering in healthcare.

The exciting prospects AI and machine learning offer in product management, particularly in healthcare and fintech


Uncover deeper insights into human relationships in product development, and learn actionable strategies to boost your career


Discover the process of developing product strategies, successful team leadership, and professional insights on OKRs for health tech companies


Check out this insightful episode of our Caremind’s podcast for a deeper understanding of the role and challenges of a product manager in the health tech industry


Unique journey transitioning from medicine to product management, the potential of Web 3 in healthcare, building successful teams, and working with offshore teams.


Our guest, Prabha Dublish, Senior Product Manager Grow Therapy, talks about her passion for businesses, encouraging women of color to break into product development, product marketing at Meta, metrics, and tips on cultivating strong team.


How AI algorithms are used for health assessment in their app. Yuval also talks about the differences between working in the public and private sectors and the challenges of information overload for decision-making.


Estee Goldschmidt, VP of Product Management at Parsley Health, shares her experience with launching startups, managing international product development teams, and her customer-obsessed approach to product management.


Lindsay Donfeld, MBA, Sr. Manager Veradigm, talks about her experience as a product leader, the importance of customer-centricity, defining success criteria for teams and products, cultivating teambuilding habits.