This category is an introduction to the exciting world of machine learning technology. Learn the main things you need to know about machine learning: from its definition to applications in real life.
ai for influencer marketing platform

Learn how to apply Machine Learning in influencer marketing platform development, and what are essential project development stages.

Computer Vision in the Medical Field

Computer vision in healthcare has a lot to offer: it is already helping radiologists, surgeons, and other doctors. This technology can also partially substitute professional training for doctors and primary skin cancer screening.

Medical Imaging Explained

In this article, we will explain the basics of medical imaging and describe primary machine learning medical imaging use cases.

Electronic Health Record

In this article, we will explain what EHR is and how machine learning makes it more effective.

How How eCommerce uses Machine Learning Applications

From this article, you will learn how online retail adopts big data and machine learning, and apply them in various use cases.

Guide to Unsupervised Machine Learning

The real-life applications abound and our data scientists, engineers, and architects can help you define your expectations and create custom ML solutions for your business. Learn what unsupervised ML algorithms can do.

Guide to Supervised Machine Learning

The vast majority of business cases for machine learning use supervised machine learning algorithms to enhance the quality of work and reach business goals. Learn more about real-life applications for supervised ML.

Data Wrangling

What is data wrangling (also sometimes known as data preparation or data mining)? How machine learning algorithms can solve the challenges of data munging? What are data wrangling tools?

The Definitive Guide to Data Mining

What is Data Mining? What are the most effective data mining techniques? Check out our guide.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Big data technology along with machine learning algorithms can increase the efficiency of business operations. How can they benefit particular industries?