Developing an app is one thing. The problem is that App Stores are flooded with miscellaneous apps and cutting through the noise can be very hard. That is why we offer you only the most relevant and important content to help you with an app promotion.
iOS Augmented Reality Mobile App

Check out the case study about our custom-designed AR mobile app intended to navigate users through the city's cafes, restaurants and other places of interest.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract

There aren't many people who get excited when they hear "Terms and Conditions" (besides lawyers, probably), but you should know what to look out for.

How to Monetize an App

At the end of all efforts and resources spent on the app development you want to receive a reward. Which models of app monetization make more money?


There are billions of mobile apps available. How does one create an app that stands out? We've got 9 tips for that.

How Business Analysis Is Making the Business World a Better Place

Business Analysis is the foundation for the success of the web and/or mobile projects. Why is this so and what are the responsibilities of a Business Analyst - read on our blog.

9 Alternative Android App Stores

There are many app stores besides Google Play that have less competition and some interesting features. Read more about alternative Android app stores.


What are the benefits of using chatbots in your application? How to adapt chatbot for business purposes to maximum effect? Learn inspiring chatbot use cases.

freemium or premium games?

Pros and Cons of the freemium model for game developers. How to implement the successful freemium strategy? The best strategies, tips, and tricks - in our apt guide.


You can conduct SWOT on your business, idea, MVP or some particular characteristics of the product.

investing in business

What is the best way to find funds for your start-up? How to attract investors? The best way to apply bootstrapping. Apt guide to handling start-up finances.


What are the best smart home apps? What are the benefits of smart home applications in everyday life? Best tips and insights for smart home apps.

naming app

What is the role of the name in the success of an app? How to choose the right name for your application? Best tips for the attractive naming of your product.