Developing an app is one thing. The problem is that App Stores are flooded with miscellaneous apps and cutting through the noise can be very hard. That is why we offer you only the most relevant and important content to help you with an app promotion.
online business

Running an online business is a very promising field. In this article, we are going to share some secrets and business cost reduction ideas that will help to kick-start a business.


Today we are talking to CEO of Emberlow project. Greg is an experienced tech entrepreneur and investor, so he got a lot to share with you, freshmen in mobile app development business out there.


Chatbots is a powerful tool for the brand-to-customer communication that also helps to reduce costs and resources. The reason for such exploding popularity is the rise of mobile messengers and extension technology of artificial intelligence.

freemium or premium games?

Pros and Coins of freemium model for game developers.


You can conduct SWOT on your business, idea, MVP or some particular characteristics of the product.

investing in business

Starting new business is not only about showing your killing idea to the world, but also about fixing a budget for its' implementation. Which way to go - let's sort out two antipodal strategies - bootstrapping and investment funding.


Things go smart, even your home is gaining intelligence. To make your Smart Home system highly competitive and user-friendly, build all-in-one-place mobile app to manage it effortlessly.

trends 2016 mobile

Learning and using the trends described above will bring result and increase app popularity in a shorter amount of time. So keep up with the new trends!

mobile myth

Common 5 myths about app development and how to avoid them.

mobile enterprise

Since mobile applications have become that popular, there is no wonder that enterprise organizations use them widely.

State of Mobile Development

Telerik, a Progress company, recently conducted a survey 3,000 IT professionals to show new trends, adoption and perceptions around mobile development.

naming app

You should treat your app name choosing as it is any other product on the market like chocolate or drink. Names for digital goods has the same purpose as for the physical ones.