Find out various TheAppSolutions cases of app & web development. Read about our successful projects.
Skin Cancer Classification Neural Network Case Study

In this article, we will talk about the state of skin cancer diagnosis technologies and describe our case study.

Clear Project Real-time Data Analytics & Content Moderation

This project gave us the chance to create an entire system from the ground up, integrate it with the existing infrastructure, and bring it all to a completely new level.

How Chatbot can make an efficient patient support system

Read the case study to learn how we implemented machine learning to develop a chatbot for Test Labs & Health Services.

How Semantic Search Can Improve Customer Support

MSP Project gave our team an opportunity to test out and get expertise in setting up an optimized workflow for customer support using semantic search.

AIVersus - TV RAIN Conversational UI

Our team had a chance to work on a project that trained two AI systems with the aim to ask them questions, including about the political situation in Russia and Ukraine. We present you AIVersus.

Cross-Platform Data Analytics - ECO Project Case Study

One of our clients needed a custom big data analytics system, and that was the task set before the APP Solutions' team of developers and PMs. Read about our approach and solution.

Cloud Dataflow for Nanopore DNA Sequencers

We have teamed up with Google Cloud Platform developers and researchers from the University of Queensland to create an end-to-end streaming pipeline for pathogen detection on Google Cloud Platform.