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Find out various TheAppSolutions cases of app & web development. Read about our successful projects.

AppDepot is a video interactive platform for apps and related tech discovery, that helps apps and related tech gain visibility, increase discoverability, and organically generate traction while engaging your consumers. 


Qured is a cutting-edge healthcare solution that engages companies in GB on a journey to better health. Its mobile application offers personalized testing, pain-free blood collection, video consultations with clinicians.


DooGood is a social nonprofit network that supports other nonprofits by connecting them to donors and organizations.


Orb Health is a scalable patient access and coordination service that delivers immediate clinical and financial outcomes.


Bueno is the app that gathers all health-related information in one place. It provides all the necessary data for users about their health, and connects them with their care team.


Learn about the inception phase we provided for a mHealth mobile app to manage medical adherence.

personalized recommendation chatbot for an online travel aggregator

We teamed up with the client to develop and integrate a Facebook Messenger chatbot and streamline the search process for travelers.

Clear Project Real-time Data Analytics & Content Moderation

This project gave us the chance to create an entire system from the ground up, integrate it with the existing infrastructure, and bring it all to a completely new level.

How Chatbot can make an efficient patient support system

Read the case study to learn how we implemented machine learning to develop a chatbot for Test Labs & Health Services.

Cross-Platform Data Analytics - ECO Project Case Study

One of our clients needed a custom big data analytics system, and that was the task set before the APP Solutions' team of developers and PMs. Read about our approach and solution.

Cloud Dataflow for Nanopore DNA Sequencers

We have teamed up with Google Cloud Platform developers and researchers from the University of Queensland to create an end-to-end streaming pipeline for pathogen detection on Google Cloud Platform.