Find out various TheAppSolutions cases of app & web development. Read about our successful projects.
meet the table case study

Meet The Table is a web-based networking platform to drive global corporate innovation and networking opportunities. Check out how we delivered this project and what challenges we overcame.

optx casino management app development

Find out how we created a cross-platform app for an enterprise technology solution for casino operators.

white-label telemedicine platform

Learn how we customized a telemedicine platform for a more effective remote patient treatment during COVID-19.

Calmerry telemedicine platform

Find out how we developed Calmerry, a GDPR-compliant app for Web and Mobile platforms.

Nioxin Consultation by Coty inc

We developed Nioxin Consultation, a mobile app that helps professional stylists suggest personalized hair treatment to clients.

personalized recommendation chatbot for an online travel aggregator

We teamed up with the client to develop and integrate a Facebook Messenger chatbot and streamline the search process for travelers.

Skin Cancer Classification Neural Network Case Study

In this article, we will talk about the state of skin cancer diagnosis technologies and describe our case study.

Clear Project Real-time Data Analytics & Content Moderation

This project gave us the chance to create an entire system from the ground up, integrate it with the existing infrastructure, and bring it all to a completely new level.

How Chatbot can make an efficient patient support system

Read the case study to learn how we implemented machine learning to develop a chatbot for Test Labs & Health Services.

passport scan

PassportScan, a SaaS platform for streamlined hotel check-in

How Semantic Search Can Improve Customer Support

MSP Project gave our team an opportunity to test out and get expertise in setting up an optimized workflow for customer support using semantic search.

AIVersus - TV RAIN Conversational UI

Neural network-powered chatbot, trained by different TV channels