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Wondering how to create your app, but not sure where to start and how much it would cost? This category is devoted to the development of different types of mobile applications. Follow our step-by-step guides to launch your project today.

Healthcare organizations can accelerate the introduction of new ideas and learning through the following key elements derived from Agile principles.


How technologies can protect healthcare organizations? Security strategies to save patient privacy.


What it the difference between neobanking services and traditional banking services? How to build your own neobanks?


What you need to pay attention to when creating a medical application in 2021: trends, statistics, pitfalls. Benefits of working with The APP Solutions.


Epic software is an application created to help doctors manage electronic medical records. How to Integrate Epic EHR/EMR?

Personal Finance App

Financial apps are in increasing demand as people around the world are beginning to understand the importance of budgeting

create a freelance marketplace

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build a marketplace for freelancers and the cost estimation for such a project.

create a custom Mental health app

Learn how to utilize modern technologies in modern mental health applications, and how to develop an app for mental health from scratch.

Starting a Food Meal Kit Delivery Service

Check out this ready-to-market strategy for starting a subscription meal kit delivery service.

grocery delivery app

Find out how on-demand grocery delivery apps work and how to develop such an app for your grocery delivery business.

Choosing Telemedicine Software

This guide will help you to select the most suitable video consultation software for your practice based on the main features and best telemedicine platforms overview.

how to develop voice assistant

Read the article to learn about reasons to create a voice assistant, the development process, and its essential features.