Wondering how to create your app, but not sure where to start and how much it would cost? This category is devoted to the development of different types of mobile applications. Follow our step-by-step guides to launch your project today.
Choosing Telemedicine Software

This guide will help you to select the most suitable video consultation software for your practice based on the main features and best telemedicine platforms overview.

how to develop voice assistant

Read the article to learn about reasons to create a voice assistant, the development process, and its essential features.

Mobile App Gamification

Find out more about mobile app gamification and the benefits it brings to businesses.

Stages of Logistics Mobile App Development

Find out how your logistics business can benefit from mobile technologies, and how to develop a mobile logistics app to receive higher profit and more satisfied customers.

Luxury Boats and Yacht Charter Apps

Find out how to build a magnificent luxury yacht chartering app for wealthy Millennials and solve the essential yacht chartering industry problems.

Uber for private jets

Learn how to develop an airplane flight share app and its development cost from this article.

AI for Beauty

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the beauty industry.

On-Demand Medical Cannabis Delivery App

An on-demand Uber-like marijuana delivery app will close the gap between offline sellers and online buyers.

a guide on how to create a telemedicine app

Read this article to find out about the best doctor-on-demand apps, their main features, and steps to develop such an app.

meditation app development

To learn how to develop a keep calm app for meditation, its essential features, and development costs, read this article.

real estate website

By applying effective monetization strategies and a bunch of modern features, Zillow has become the #1 real estate marketplace in the U.S. To find out how to build a real estate website, read this article.

Chatbot for travel business: benefits, use cases, and a development guide

Travel chatbots help travel agencies to improve business operations, bring more value to customers and decrease the CAC. If you are considering developing a travel chatbot for your business, read this article.