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Payment Gateway Comparison

When you’ve chosen your ecommerce platform, it’s time to choose the payment system to integrate into your business model. We’ve prepared a guide for payment gateway comparison, which we hope you’ll find helpful.

How to Choose Best Ecommerce Platform

Magento vs Shopify? If you are wondering what is the best ecommerce platform, we've got an overview for you.

How to Choose Best Payment Gateway: Step-By-Step Guide

There are numerous payment gateways out there available for ecommerce projects. What are the criteria to choose the best payment gateway?

Virtual Reality Apps Development: 8 Problems to Overcome

VR mobile apps are gaining more and more popularity - and not just for games anymore. What are the virtual reality problems to overcome in development?

Streamlining Android Development with the APP Solutions' Android Boilerplate

What is a boilerplate? Android app boilerplate code is a set of instruments that help start the mobile project development much more efficiently. Learn more.

Tackling GDPR Compliance with The App Solutions

The APP Solutions is a kind of company that favors getting ready beforehand and not on the fly. What can we do for you in terms of GDPR Compliance Solutions?

Benefits and Challenges of GDPR

GDPR comes into effect on May 25. What are the challenges and benefits of this data protection regulation and what can businesses and users do about it?

How does GDPR Work

You know the drill: those who control the information rule the world. Soon General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect, so it's important to know how it works to be prepared.

Why GDPR Matters and GDPR History

General Data Protection Regulation aka GDPR is the result of six and half year quest to make sense and justice to the basic principles of data protection.

What is Agile Development and How Does It Work?

Agile Development explained. Advantages of the agile approach. What does it bring to the development process? How does it impact the product?


We know of the chatbot benefits, but what are the challenges in creating a chatbot for business? Check out our take on this issue.


What is Ad Tech? How does it work? Is it really that good? What are the benefits of its use? An elaborate assorted collection of answers to these and other questions in our guide.