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devops diagram devops lifecycle devops process devops methodology

DevOps is one of the latest trends in development approach that, if implemented correctly, can be one of the key success factors for the business. Learn what are the business benefits of the DevOps.

Technology Stack Diagram and Definition

What's a technology stack and how to choose it for your project? We're delving into the tech stack's details. Read to learn more.

Mobile website or mobile app

Many business people face this decision - a mobile app or a mobile website - in order to stay in the mobile world trends. We'll try to simplify this process for you.

Outsourcing 101 Extended Team Model

What to do when you have your own in-house team of developers, but need to add to it (but don't want to deal with hiring new people). Let's talk about team extension in outsourcing.

Dedicated Team Model

What are the pros and cons of mobile or web software development with the dedicated team? Read more in this article.

Time & Material Outsourcing

Time and Materials model is a type of a contract that takes as a foundation actual time spent working on the project.

The Life and Lies of Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud is one of the biggest challenges for AdTech companies. What do you do when you can't trust the metrics and you're losing billions of dollars?

Fitness App Development

We go through essential aspects to help you get fitness app development straight

How Does Blockchain Amplifies AdTech Industry

Using blockchain, the advertising industry can potentially become more sophisticated. What can we expect from the “adchain” idea?

5 Useful Tips on How to Hire a Great Web Developer

Hiring a great web developer can be a really tough task. Read our useful advice and avoid the common mistakes.

How AdBlock Makes Ad Tech Industry Better

While you’re looking for “how to disable Adblock on users’ computer or create an anti-Adblock killer,” we are focusing on the good side of this thing.

Custom Ad Fraud Detection System

We have worked on developing custom fraud detection system designed to monitor ad content and detection-reporting of fraudulent and malicious advertisements on the websites.