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Machine Learning Algorithms: 4 Types You Should Know

There are 4 types of machine learning algorithms that cover the needs of the business and tech world. Find out which one fits your requirements.

What is Data Analytics?

When your business gathers a lot of user data, it's important to understand what benefits you can get out of it. Big data analytics saves the day.

The Definitive Guide to Data Mining

What is Data Mining? What are the most effective data mining techniques? Check out our guide.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Big data technology along with machine learning algorithms can increase the efficiency of business operations. How can they benefit particular industries? Let's talk.

GDPR-Compliant Contextual & Behavioral Targeting

What are GDPR-friendly behavioral targeting solutions? What is it, where can such user targeting be really helpful, and how it can benefit your business?

Ad Tech Real-Time Bidding 101

Programmatic real-time bidding is a useful feature for the advertising platforms. How can both publishers and advertisers benefit from RTB?

Augmented Reality Navigation

Augmented Reality maps with geolocation are a useful thing, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place. How can they enhance the quality of life?

Business Opportunities for Augmented and Virtual Reality Travel

Augmented and virtual reality travel apps are the future. Whether used for navigation or virtual tourism, we think it's a perfect case for testing the tech.

AR and VR in Healthcare

Healthcare market can benefit from such technologies as AR and VR. Let's see a list of AR / VR applications for healthcare and statistics.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education

There are many cases for applying augmented and Virtual Reality in education. How does the technology fit and what are the benefits?

AR / VR Apps for Event Planning

There are few AR / VR event managing apps on the market for now, but the technology is rapidly evolving. How can event planning software benefit from AR/VR features?

Problems with Augmented Reality App Development

What are the main challenges when it comes to augmented reality development and what it means for AR industry?