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How Data Science Transforms Healthcare in 2019

Modern healthcare equipment generates a lot of health data, and this is where Big Data applications can help. Learn more about predictive analytics and data in healthcare.

Conversational interfaces

Conversational UI is slowly but surely becoming a commonplace of the customer services thanks to machine learning and NLP. How can they enhance your users' experience - check out in the article.

Big Data as a Service

The term "big data" can often be heard among the technology-related people. What does it mean, how does it work, and how big is big data?

Data Wrangling

What is data wrangling (also sometimes known as data preparation or data mining)? How machine learning algorithms can solve the challenges of data munging?

Recommender Systems and Their Impact on Customer Experience

A recommendation engine is a powerful machine learning tool to enhance your users' experience. Learn how it can aid your business to get more engagement.

Effective Management for Machine Learning Workflow

Machine learning technology is here to stay. However, with the rising amounts of data to process, there should be a good deep learning management platform in place. We think we found the one we like.

What is User Modeling? Definition, Approaches, and Examples of User Modeling

User modeling is a tool for personalization of the content - whether goods, services, or ads. Find out how it works and how machine learning makes it possible.

What is Pattern Recognition

When you have too much data coming in and you need to analyze it, pattern recognition is one of the helpful algorithms. Learn more about this technology.

Machine Learning Algorithms: 4 Types You Should Know

There are 4 types of machine learning algorithms that cover the needs of the business and tech world. Find out which one fits your requirements.

What is Data Analytics?

When your business gathers a lot of user data, it's important to understand what benefits you can get out of it. Big data analytics saves the day.

The Definitive Guide to Data Mining

What is Data Mining? What are the most effective data mining techniques? Check out our guide.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Big data technology along with machine learning algorithms can increase the efficiency of business operations. How can they benefit particular industries?