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Know What You're Paying for or How Ads.txt Help to Fight AdTech Fraud

One of the major problems, when one is dealing with programmatic ads, is being tricked by the scam artists and ending up paying for the ad space that you don’t get. What's the solution?

Reasons why you must write Technical specification firsthand in Project Development

A technical specification is a document created to describe the project/product and has all the specifications and use cases. Here is why it is the most crucial stage in project development.

How Dynamic Cloud Solutions Are Making Mobile App Development Easier

Cloud storage and computing solutions are making mobile apps stronger and powerful without inflating code, app complexity, and resource size.

Making Everyday Outfit Choice Easier Using an AI Driven App

Everyone would love a personal stylist who has them looking fashionable every day. Here’s how to create clothes matching application that uses Artificial Intelligence

How to create an app for iPhone the perfect way

iPhone apps, as well as Android apps, are very important to an individual as much as it is to business and can lead to success. Here's a step-by-step guide how to get started with app development.

Best Practices for Cloud Security

All the opportunities cloud offers are amazing, but only when you're sure the cloud you're trusting with your data is secure. Check out the best practices regarding the security in our blog.

How to Implement DevOps Team Structure and Responsibilities

People are the main capital of any organization, especially when you want to implement a DevOps approach into your development processes. Learn what team roles you need to have for smooth work.

Ways in Which DevOps Benefits a Company

DevOps is one of the latest trends in development approach that, if implemented correctly, can be one of the key success factors for the business. Learn what are the business benefits of the DevOps.

How to Find and Hire App Developers

Mobile app development industry is slowly becoming a multi billion industry. Get insights into how to find freelance mobile app developers easily.

What Exactly is an Ecommerce Website?

Many businesspeople talk about ecommerce, but what is it in reality and what are the key benefits of implementing it for your business?

Building Ecommerce Website Options

There are many steps you’ll have to take to learn how to build an ecommerce website. The tips provided below will guarantee the most efficient way to launch an ecommerce store.

Top Rated DevOps Tools Based on IT Trends of 2016-2017

Are you a business or DevOps Engineer looking for effective working tools? Check out the reasons to use DevOps tools as well as top recommended DevOps software below.