DooGood is a social nonprofit network that supports other nonprofits by connecting them to donors and organizations. The company helps donors make safe and easy donations to vetted, locally-driven organizations worldwide.

Our company had a chance to work on such an amazing service. In this article, we are going to tell you about it.

DooGood Project Description

DooGooD is a social network created to encourage people to do good things to improve this world.

Each user or charity organization can create a profile to present themselves to the community. In addition, DooGood allows anyone to create a donation campaign to start collecting funds for those who need them. Volunteering is another way to help others; the app creates a unique environment full of compassion and support that brings together like-minded people to do good things. 


What Problem does DooGood Solve?

No mobile application or another social network can make the donation process fast and easy. Most companies have obsolete sites without the possibility to talk to people, keep up with what the money was spent on, donate in a couple of clicks, or check who needs help nearby.

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How can DooGood Help to Deal with the Problem? 

This “boon” application allows:

  • Locating people, volunteers, or charity organizations who need help
  • Finding like-minded people, volunteers, or charity organizations to work together
  • Creating and managing donation campaigns
  • Talking to everyone within the network
  • Sharing donation status, reports, thoughts, ideas, news, etc., through posting
  • Keeping up with the local territory for emergency events

doogood payments

Project Technical Specification

The core functionality of the DooGood app is to gather like-minded people to do good things to improve the world. There is a mobile application for customers. It includes the following features: 

  • Manage personal or charity organization profile
  • Follow volunteers or charity organizations
  • Find people/organizations nearby who need help or donations
  • Post, read, and discuss articles, news, reports, etc. with others
  • Chatting
  • Start and manage donation campaigns
  • Donate

The other element of the service is the Admin Panel that manages all the mentioned functionality by admins.

What solutions can we offer?

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Key Solutions

Payment Processor Integration


With the rapid pace of innovation in the digital economy, digital services need a robust payment platform. The DooGood application requires a reliable and accessible payment processor to handle donation payments worldwide. After exploring the market, we found that Stripe was the most suitable choice for the application. It was the best gateway in terms of fitting the requirements: 

  • Easе of use
  • Merchant account features
  • Multiple payment methods
  • PCI DSS compliance + AVS, SSL, CCV features

Map Integration


The other significant component that needed third-party integration was a map. 

  • The application required a solution for showing users’ and organizations’ points on the map, such as places that need help or donations and volunteers. 
  • In addition, the map should have an option to provide detailed information about the points after clicking on them.

We’ve used MapBox for mapping and showcasing places that need donations or volunteers.

Firebase Integration


ChatsIn-app chat is a great way to increase engagement, but implementing a user-friendly chat feature can be difficult. We overcame this problem by integrating with Firebase Realtime Database to sync chat messages between millions of users.

Seamlessly authenticate with Firebase Authentication, then set up a chat room in the Realtime Database. Messages appear on all users’ devices in real time.

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The app needs a practical and accessible mobile analytics solution to gain insights regarding application use and user engagement. We have used Firebase because of its ease of use and flexibility. With its help, the company can see what is happening in the application and react appropriately.

Firebase analytics shows data about user behavior in iOS and Android apps, enabling you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization. View crash data, notification effectiveness, deep-link performance, and more.


Handling Data Security

Data security is one of the significant challenges that come with developing any application that deals with sensitive data. The first requirement was to be able to store users’ passport data as securely as possible. The second requirement is GDPR compliance with its strict guidelines for user data management, transparent data use, and guaranteeing the safety of data.

The following solutions were used to provide appropriate data security measures:

  • HTTPS, TLS, SSH for data-in-transit encryption
  • bcrypt for database encryption
  • DDoS protection
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Activity Logging + Access Management
  • Limited access to the production database at the network level

Tech Stack

  • Consumer App – Flutter 
  • Admin Dashboard – Symfony 
  • Stripe Payment Processor
  • MapBox Maps
  • Firebase


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • QA engineer
  • 2 Flutter developers
  • 2 Back-end developer



The DooGood application brings together people who need help and those who are ready to help. 

  • The application provides an opportunity to create donation campaigns right away.
  • On the other hand, the application’s use of social networking greatly expands its opportunities to gather like-minded people.

For our company, it was a great experience in applying a new field of charity to make this world better. We have developed a solution that is easy to use both for users and admins.

During the development of this project, we utilized a streamlined, agile workflow. This approach helped us deploy an operating prototype of the system ahead of the planned date and dedicate more time to its testing and refinement.

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