Business analysis

To compete in a highly developed market, which is saturated with big players such as transnational enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and startups, your company requires high-quality strategic approach.

That is why the business analysis services are becoming a key input, which often determines the success of the whole idea.

To have the professional expertise you don`t need to hire business analysis consultants or business analysis company. The App Solutions ensures its customers with professional consultants and provides in-house business analysis consulting.

Typical BA solutions include idea research and validation as well as market research and the interpolation of certain market stats to your app.


The standard business analysis output would be a document that includes:


Competition analysis

Competitor Analysis is a vital part of the project. We collect and analyze datа about activities of other companies, as well as attending to predict their development vectors. It is particularly important for the IT market, as the rapid evolution of technology makes us being one step ahead of current trends.



The method of SWOT-analysis is a useful instrument that allows to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the product idea and gives insight on what we need to concentrate the efforts of the team to get the best result.


ROI calculation

Our professional team is aimed to convert the product into an effective part of the client's business. Assessment and forecast of market performances of our customers help them to understand the value of our product and adjust future financial planning.


Other industry specific strategic analyses

In cases when our client`s business dwell in a very rare and particular field of activity, we involve into business analysis consulting experts from this industry. This approach helps us to provide custom analysis method and better understand the specifics of our clients.


The structured data on the market potential

To figure out the big picture of the whole project, we start our business analysis consulting with an expert assessment of the market in general. This approach allows us to estimate the market potential and determine the place of business for our clients.

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