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android app

Android global market is booming lately. Targeting your business at millions of Android mobile users sounds like an exceptional idea. Let's break down the overall price of building a top-notch mobile application for Android OS.

investing in business

Starting new business is not only about showing your killing idea to the world, but also about fixing a budget for its' implementation. Which way to go - let's sort out two antipodal strategies - bootstrapping and investment funding.

music development

Thriving streaming and subscription services have established a new business model and rules for music apps development. If you are considering music app development for startup, this article will guide you what way to choose for moving forward.

app like waze

If you have decided to work on a Waze app clone, it is crucial to estimate basic expenses and set up the workflow. We usually recommend choosing native app development, which means the separate application for every operating system.

app development estimation

Mobile app development has so many different variables, and its price can range anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000. But how to figure out the happy middle?

Law app

The survey findings confirm the law firm will have the pretty good odds of being hired if it has a mobile app to connect with clients on a personal level.

iOS diet app

Health and fitness-related mobile apps are on the top of demand. Users are looking for personal assistants on their way to healthy living. More than that, iOS users are hyper-active comparing to Android ones. And here you got a killer idea to implement -

Snapchat app

You can create a SnapChat clone, add some new features and get your piece of cake. We start from an overview of SnapChat features. To examine them is crucial while considering how to make an app like Snapchat.

Spotify app

Our music playlists go online and millions of users want to stream sounds effortlessly from the net. Mobile application solves this request and Spotify confirms it. Read how to build your own Spotify clone.

wish app

Most likely, you won`t be surprised to find out the real star in the mobile market sky. According to Flurry survey, the usage of shopping apps has been growing faster than any other application category recently.

fitness app

We go through essential aspects to help you get fitness app development straight


Things go smart, even your home is gaining intelligence. To make your Smart Home system highly competitive and user-friendly, build all-in-one-place mobile app to manage it effortlessly.