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Law app

The survey findings confirm the law firm will have the pretty good odds of being hired if it has a mobile app to connect with clients on a personal level.

iOS diet app

Health and fitness-related mobile apps are on the top of demand. Users are looking for personal assistants on their way to healthy living. More than that, iOS users are hyper-active comparing to Android ones. And here you got a killer idea to implement -

Snapchat app

You can create a SnapChat clone, add some new features and get your piece of cake. We start from an overview of SnapChat features. To examine them is crucial while considering how to make an app like Snapchat.

Spotify app

Our music playlists go online and millions of users want to stream sounds effortlessly from the net. Mobile application solves this request and Spotify confirms it. Read how to build your own Spotify clone.

wish app

Most likely, you won`t be surprised to find out the real star in the mobile market sky. According to Flurry survey, the usage of shopping apps has been growing faster than any other application category recently.

fitness app

We go through essential aspects to help you get fitness app development straight


Things go smart, even your home is gaining intelligence. To make your Smart Home system highly competitive and user-friendly, build all-in-one-place mobile app to manage it effortlessly.

hospital app

The ecosystem of every health facility requires making a vast amount of vital decisions in a very short time. After the decision is made, all those responsible should take up the implementation. Making these processes automated without exaggeration saves

Swift vs Objective-C

This article will help you understand Objective-C vs Swift differences and make clear what it means not only for developers but for your business in particular.

App for restaurant

Dining outside and ordering food becomes an essential part of busy lives nowadays. For restaurants it's a huge opportunity to gain customers through a user-friendly ordering app and keep them engaged on the regular basis.

travel app

The mobile travel app development can broaden the horizons of your existing business or open entirely new prospects. To choose the best business strategy, we need to clarify what is the purpose of using them and what are the most common use cases.

Airbnb app

Airbnb stepped up their game in travelling mobile with application. We brake down the cost to create an app similar to Airbnb onto fees of individual features. Calculate effortlessly how much it costs to build Airbnb clone