In the year 2021, health is a topic that is discussed more than others. And people are navigating this challenging domain more and more. 

The App Solutions was always ahead of the curve, with its healthcare projects, both R&D and users facing ones. So it was only a matter of time when we would implement all our knowledge and expertise and encompass it in one app, one that has all the health tracking functions needed and leverage cutting edge technologies, at the same time. BuenoPR became this app.

BuenoPR Project Description

Bueno is the app that gathers all health-related information in one place. On the one hand, it is made to provide patients with comprehensive knowledge about their conditions, prescriptions, and lab results, with the ability to contact their practitioner or care team anytime via chat. On the other hand, Bueno provides up-to-date information about the state of the patient’s insurance, including individual deductible and benefits highlights.


How does Bueno make a difference in this niche? 

  • Preventive medicine powered by AI

Bueno leverages machine learning to analyze all the health data from its user’s EHR to ensure the preventive care they need. Then, powered by Orb Health, the app provides the analyzed data to the care team to make suggestions to patients regarding time to do a check-up, make lab tests or pay attention to particular symptoms. 

  • All the info about user’s condition in their pocket

Integration with Mayo clinic helps to provide users with comprehensive and 100% science-based information on their conditions. It also serves educational purposes with articles on different organs and systems in the body, and lab tests. 

  • Tracking down all the metrics from one app

Users can track all life-important metrics such as height, weight, activity, blood glucose, and others, all in one place. The app supports both manual entry of these measurements and receiving info from the doctor’s office. It also has integration with Validic so that the data can be pulled from health devices.

  • Virtual care 

The app provides a 24/7 possibility to contact the care team, including the user’s practitioner and trained nurses who can answer any bothering questions at any time, help with understanding a care plan, and schedule the next visit to the doctor’s office.

  • Gamification 

The app presents a system of goals and badges to keep people engaged while improving their health. Achievements are given both for regular app usage, including its functions and reaching personal health goals (e.g., steps count).

  • Insurance insights

Using integration with Change Healthcare, we can provide information on the health of our users and let them track how it affects their Health insurance. In addition, it allows total transparency and zero worries when it comes to expenses. 

The main goals of BuenoPR are the following:

  • Provide users with comprehensive insights into their health using their Electronic Health Record (EHR) data processed by AI
  • Ensure 24/7 health support
  • Reduce stress to a minimum with transparent info, excellent UX and gamification techniques 

This combination of functions makes the app unique on the market.  

Project technical specification

The main product is a mobile application for patients. Its features include: 

  • 360° overview of patient’s health (metrics that are collected from the devices, doctor’s office and manually logged, social activity, allergies, medications, health challenges) 
  • Chat with the care team (doctor and nurses)
  • Knowledge base with all the info on the body, lab tests, and conditions
  • Lab results
  • Care activities prescribed by the doctor
  • Insurance information
  • Notification system
  • Achievements

The other elements of the service include:

  • Subscription website – to submit registration forms and subsequently, for subscription management; 
  • Admin Dashboard contains the following features: 
  • General application activity overview; 
  • In-app analytics;
  • User management
  • Customer support operations.

Key Solutions

Orb Health

Orb helps connect Bueno to the doctor’s office and ensures users only see the most up-to-date information on their conditions. At the same time, Orb is the primary source of info in the app, including raw data from the EHR and results of AI processing. Its predictive algorithm is used to detect negative health trends and alert nurses about at-risk patients.     

For Bueno users, this means that their care team knows exactly when to reach out to schedule a doctor’s appointment or do a necessary lab test. Statistics show that this approach prevents 2 out of 3 visits to ER. 


Validic provides one API connection to access data from the best mHealth apps and devices. Since it covers most of the popular devices, our users don’t have to worry about not connecting their particular one to our app. This was one of the main problems we discovered in the competitor’s apps during the inception phase. 

Change HealthCare

Since our solution has provided clinical information and insurance info, we needed to connect a third-party solution that would collect data from insurance providers on the user-specific data about their plans. Change really helped us to ensure complete transparency regarding health expenses to our users.

Mayo Clinic

One of the problems we aimed to solve in the Bueno app was the lack of correct patient information. So often, people tend to rely on posts on the internet, leading to a lack of professional help and even usage of harmful practices. So, instead of searching health-related info on Google, we wanted them to have all the relevant information that would be 100% science-based and backed up by research all in one place. The Mayo Clinic integration serves this aim perfectly, providing articles based on research and 150 years of medical practice.

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Firebase integration

You can’t go far without proper data analytics. An understanding of the state of things regarding the application, the way customers are using it, and how efficiently it operates, hangs on through-and-through analytics. 

The app needed a practical and accessible mobile analytics solution to gain insights regarding application use and user engagement.

We have used Firebase because of its ease of use and flexibility. With its help, the company can see what is going on in the application and react appropriately.

It is also used as a platform for push notifications delivery. 


Data security and HIPAA

Data security is one of the significant challenges that come with developing any application that deals with sensitive data. And with health apps, it becomes even more important. 

A Step-by-step Guide on HIPAA Compliance

The main requirement was HIPAA compliance which is usually identified with foundations secured by the law:

  • Emergency clinics.
  • Corporate medicinal services associations.
  • Research establishments.
  • Insurance agencies that manage patients and their data.

However, since HIPAA PHI security necessity likewise applies to partners of these offices, it was extremely important to follow these guidelines for user data management, transparent data use, and guaranteeing the safety of data. 

The following solutions were used to provide appropriate data security measures:

  • HTTPS, TLS, SSH for data-in-transit encryption; 
  • Activity Logging + Access Management;
  • Handling all the secure data on the backend;
  • Making sure all the third-party solutions are HIPAA compliant;
  • Limited access to the production database at the network level.

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Tech Stack

  • Subscription website – JavaScript/С# 
  • Patient Apps – Swift, Kotlin
  • Devices connectivity – Validic 
  • Analytics and Notifications – Firebase 


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 2 Android Developers


BuenoPR is an absolutely unique app and another great case in the large portfolio of our healthcare projects. It provides all the necessary data for users about their health, and connects them with their care team, but it also uses cutting-edge technology to prevent conditions and complications. 

For our company, it was a great experience, applying all our expertise both in the Native mobile development and healthcare domains to create an app that would save people’s lives.

Using the Agile approach, and receiving quality feedback from users, each iteration really helped us deliver a product that would be useful, rich in functionality, and extremely easy to navigate.