Data management is important in developer community product documentation and education, just as in the healthcare industry, where it ensures patients receive the best possible care.

According to a recent report by Grandview Research, the global healthcare information systems market valued at $359.8 billion in 2021 is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2% from 2022 to 2030. 

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InterSystems is one company at the forefront of data management and healthcare information systems. The company is well-positioned to benefit from the market’s growth with its innovative solutions and focus on the healthcare industry. In this article, we will shine the torchlight on InterSystems and all you need to know about them. And if you’re ready to build your healthcare software solution and need a reliable technology partner to help incorporate InterSystems? We can help.

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What is InterSystems?

InterSystems is a software company that provides data management and healthcare information systems to organizations and millions of people around the world. Founded in 1978, the company has become a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to various industries. Some of the industries using InterSystems include finance, manufacturing, and government. However, it is in the healthcare industry where InterSystems has truly made its mark.


What does InterSystems Do?

InterSystems provides a range of software solutions that help healthcare organizations manage their data more effectively. The solutions include everything from electronic health records (EHRs) to analytics and population health management tools. Healthcare organizations of all sizes use its software, from small clinics to large hospital systems.

One of InterSystems’ flagship products is its HealthShare platform. It provides various tools and applications that allow healthcare providers to share patient information securely, no matter where it is stored. This is particularly important in today’s healthcare landscape because patients often receive care from multiple providers across different organizations.

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The company develops and markets the InterSystems IRIS platform, a powerful, multi-model, multi-workload warehouse that provides real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities.

In addition to InterSystems IRIS, the company offers a range of products and solutions to help organizations manage and analyze their data effectively. These include:

  • TrakCare: a healthcare information system that helps providers manage patient data, clinical workflows, and administrative processes
  • Ensemble: an integration engine that provides seamless connectivity between disparate systems, applications, and data sources
  • Caché: a high-performance database that supports transaction processing and real-time analytics

What is InterSystems Iris?

InterSystems Iris is a high-performance data platform that combines transactional and analytical processing with native interoperability for the rapid integration of disparate sources. It is a multi-model, multi-workload database that supports SQL, NoSQL, and graph models.

InterSystems Iris enables developers to build applications with real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities and provides advanced features such as sharding, high availability, and scalability. It also includes a comprehensive set of data management, security, and application development tools. Some of these tools include a visual development environment, an object-oriented programming language called ObjectScript, and integration with popular development languages such as Java, Python, and . NET.

The platform is used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, government, and manufacturing, to build data-intensive mission-critical power applications and manage large volumes of data in real-time.

What Type of Database is InterSystems Iris?

InterSystems Iris is a multi-model database that supports multiple data models such as relational (SQL), NoSQL, and graph. With this, developers can choose the best model for their application needs.

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In addition to its support for multiple models, InterSystems Iris also provides native interoperability, allowing for seamless integration with external sources and applications. Thus, making it a powerful platform for building intensive applications requiring real-time analytics and machine-learning capabilities.

Why is Data Management Important in Healthcare?

Data management plays a crucial role in healthcare for several reasons. 

  • First and foremost, it allows healthcare providers to access and share patient data more efficiently. This, in turn, leads to better patient outcomes, as providers are better able to coordinate care and make informed treatment decisions.
  • Data management is also important for research purposes. By analyzing large data sets, researchers can identify trends and patterns that can help them better understand diseases and develop more effective treatments.
  • Finally, it is essential for regulatory compliance. Healthcare organizations must comply with various regulations and standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, etc. Effective data management ensures that organizations comply with these regulations.

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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.3

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.3 is the latest version of InterSystems’ flagship platform. IRIS stands for Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive, and Scalable, which are the key attributes of the platform.

IRIS Data Platform is a unified platform that enables organizations to leverage their assets for innovation, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. It provides a range of management capabilities, including data integration, transformation, enrichment, and analytics. 

Some key features of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.3 include

  • Multi-model database: InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.3 supports multiple relational, object, and document-oriented models. With this, developers have the flexibility to use the most appropriate model for their applications.
  • High-performance analytics: Includes embedded analytics capabilities that enable organizations to perform real-time analytics on their data.
  • Integrated development environment: Platform 2022.3 includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides developers with comprehensive tools for developing, testing, and deploying their applications.
  • Cloud-native architecture: It is designed to run natively in the cloud, allowing organizations to deploy and manage their applications in a cloud environment.
  • Enhanced security: It also includes advanced security features, like encryption, access control, and auditing, to ensure that sensitive data is protected.
  • As an integral part of the InterSystems IRIS data platform, IntegratedML offers the same functionalities and advantages as conventional AutoML. It streamlines and expedites the development of machine-learning models.

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Healthcare Analytics Framework

The healthcare analytics framework is designed to provide a systematic approach to analyzing healthcare data. The framework typically includes several key components: collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting. Let’s look at each of these components in more detail.

The first step in healthcare analytics is to collect the data that will be used for analysis. The collection may include data from electronic health records (EHRs), claims, patient surveys, and other sources. The data is typically stored in a database or warehouse for easy access and analysis.

After being collected, the next step is to analyze it to identify patterns and trends. The analysis may involve statistical techniques such as regression analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms to identify relationships between variables. Data analysis can also help to identify outliers or unusual points that may indicate areas where care can be improved.

Visualization is the process of presenting healthcare data in a way that is easy to understand and interpret at any given moment. It uses charts, graphs, and other visual tools to highlight key trends and patterns. It enhances total awareness of who or what is happening in the medical facility at any moment. It helps identify areas where care can be improved and can also be used to communicate insights to stakeholders.

The final step in healthcare analytics is to report the analysis findings to stakeholders. Stakeholders include healthcare providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders who can use the insights to improve healthcare outcomes. Reports include summaries of key findings, recommendations for improving care, and data visualizations.

Building Data-Intensive, Mission-critical Applications with InterSystems IRIS

Organizations of all kinds, from businesses to governments, use it to make informed decisions and drive innovation. As a result, the need to build data-intensive, mission-critical applications has never been higher. That is exactly where InterSystems IRIS comes in. Its powerful capabilities and easy-to-use platform make it perfect for building cutting-edge applications that rely on data to drive success.

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Whether you’re working in healthcare, finance, retail, or any other industry, InterSystems IRIS has the tools you need to harness the power of data and turn it into actionable insights. And the best part? You can try InterSystems IRIS
for free. With the InterSystems IRIS Community Edition, you can download and start using the platform immediately, with no functionality or usage restrictions.


As the demand for digital health technologies, including data management solutions, continues to grow, InterSystems is well-positioned to continue its success and significantly impact the healthcare industry. 

InterSystems’ technologies are changing how healthcare is delivered and managed, even if you are a healthcare provider or a patient. So, if you’re tired of working with multiple patient data sources, turn to InterSystems and experience the difference today!

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