We believe that native iPhone app development is the way to start your mobile journey if you need access to a broad functionality of the device’s function. The benefits definitely outgrow the cons of the native software.

The main benefits include full access to device features, offline work, faster performance, and more app design possibilities. These are the pros you should definitely consider when planning to develop apps for the iPhone. We’ll go through the main pros and cons further on in the article.

What is native iPhone application development?

The native applications for the iPhone have a huge set of pros comparing to Hybrid or HTML5 apps. The main benefit is full access to all the device features.

The process of developing native applications implies the creation of software that is built based on the architecture of the operating system that is installed on the device.

The native iPhone app differs from hybrid or web applications mainly by the availability of built-in technology of the device.

Full access to device features


This cannot be done with an HTML5 or Hybrid application.

Offline mode


This can be beneficial for many app publishers because it gives your users more freedom for interacting with the app.

Faster performance


More app design possibilities

penA set of native UI frameworks can be very helpful when designing non-standard user interfaces. There are many tools that you can flawlessly implement in the application contributing to the UI / mobile app UX

This eases the implementation of gorgeous animations, transitions, and motion controls.

The only con of the native software development approach is the higher iPhone app development cost. Though, in the end, the higher cost of developing native applications usually pays off with higher ROI after the application’s release.

The higher return on investment rate is believed to be induced by a better overall user experience. In mobile business – the user experience is an integral part of the success. That is why we strongly recommend developing native iPhone applications for all major business application purposes.

The iPhone app developer for your business needs

The App Solutions offers iPhone application development service and we are proud of our iPhone app developers team to have broad competence in various business mobile solutions. Our experience with custom iOS applications spreads across many business spheres, including education, e-commerce, enterprise, social, geo-location, healthcare, media, and many others.

Given our broad experience, you can rely on The App Solutions as a key business partner and an iPhone app development company for your mobile ventures.

Start developing iPhone apps today

Developing iPhone apps is a big paradigm for all digital and offline businesses. These applications help businesses grow, acquire, and retain loyal customers across various categories.

There are many app development companies on the market but outsource application development company App Solutions is the right choice cause we know how to develop iPhone apps that are really capable of improving your business.

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