Mobile app testing

Mobile app testing is a crucial part of development process both for business and startups. It helps to get an independent, objective view of the project and allows identifying and fixing problems in the product before it will be released and installed on the smartphones of the end users.

Testing of the mobile applications has some specific features. Unlike desktop testing, quality assurance for mobile application should take into account the large variety of mobile devices, different types of operation systems and their versions, frequent updates and distinctive ways users interact with their devices. At The App Solutions, we have such particular experience to provide an expert mobile app testing services.

Depending on the specification and complexity of the project, the customer's requirements and other inputs, we offer our clients a different set of QA tools that allows delivering the optimal solutions. Choosing the right testing strategy gives us 100% coverage that includes functionality, performance, compatibility, usability and security.

We implement both manual and automated testing. Automated tests do the best job while checking constantly repeating tasks, and manual testing gives the best feeling of the product and audit.


To address all needs of our customers, our mobile app testing specialists provide the following types of testing:

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