Web App Development

For our business and startup customers, we deliver not only mobile apps but also a web app development services.It can be a management dashboard for B2B apps, an app landing page for promotional purposes or any other kind of website to compliment their business venture.

Web application development has several objectives. It helps to shorten cycles of deploying of the product and reaches a significant amount of users on many different devices.


We have created a professional team of web app developers (both frontend and backend) to be able to correspond effectively to our client’s needs.


Frontend Web Development

Delivering a web representation for the app on the internet is an incredibly important step towards your app success. Our expert team of frontend developers and designers are capable of creating all sorts of promotional app websites, content management systems, certain app functionality dashboards and other types of Web User Interface solutions.


Backend Web Development

We hired in our team talented backend developers not only for setting up a website but developing a backend for the application. In case the app requires the storage and transfer of any data to own servers or any cloud services, our team delivers the backend solutions


Admin Panel Development

According to project`s requirements, we create admin panel to work with integrated analytics from stats panels and carry out user management.


Project Support & Updates Implementation

To achieve a result that will satisfy our customers and reach all his business goals, after the project is already released, we provide services to support mobile web application, rolling updates and free bug fixing during three months

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