Modern people are working and living with digital devices. With some powerful and ever-moving developments in the space of mobile app development, the products give clients great experience and convenience. Here are some of the upcoming trends of the smart age.


E-commerce market leaders in India (Flipkart and Myntra) have shut their websites and started to use mobile apps only. They have found even more popularity and demand of clients: around 95% of traffic was collected from smartphones and tablets. The mobile applications caused bigger sales. Some experts predict that this trend is going to show itself in 2016 and become the best scenario.

Messaging apps

The war between social networks and mobile messaging applications becomes stiffer. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp app, Viber, and Telegram have more than 2 billion active users around the world. The same numbers equal to Twitter,

The same numbers equal to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users. However, the messaging apps have higher influence and great chances to win the battle. 35% of smartphone users use messaging apps.

Security matters

In 2015 5 of 6 mobile applications failed in security tests. This is what developers were working on the next year and in 2016 this goal must be achieved. The mobile apps are strengthening their security protocols and data encryption strategies this year.

It is natural, that sometimes apps store confidential or personal information and users cannot allow any security issues within the apps.

Cross-platform on the stage

The need for all devices is a number of platforms. Today a single platform is a thing from the past since users require advanced features and functions. Cross-platform proves to make the user experience much better and developers focus on multiply platforms to keep up with the most modern trends.

User experience is important

User experience dominates in the modern marketing. Developers have to analyze user experience constantly to match the demands and know about their failures or mistakes. No matter what kind of app it is, it must be functional and effective among other apps and across all mobile devices. Developers who pay maximum attention to this aspect become the most successful.

Smooth advertising, marketing, and purchasing

Mobile apps are a perfect source of income and 2016 foretells a high level of expense on purchases made inside of the app. Apps will allow more advertising in different formats including text, images, and video. Advertising inside of the applications, paid downloads and purchases will appear in a new format in 2016.

In fact, some of these trends will change the market and will become the main drivers of the progress this year. Commerce apps will become more popular, while cross-platform apps will improve user experience.

All in all, mobile app development will make even more impact in the digital world. 

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