Free access to datasets and data analyzing tools at cloud scale has a significant impact on the research process, especially in the global response for combating COVID-19. 

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, we want to share information with researchers, data scientists, and analysts about available hosted repositories of public datasets for tracking the COVID-19 outbreak.

Free datasets provide access to essential information eliminating the need to search for onboard large data files. You can access the datasets, along with a description of the data and sample queries to advance research from within the Google Cloud Console. All the data GCP includes in the program is public and freely available, while the program will remain in effect until September 15, 2020. 

You can also use these datasets and BigQuery ML for training your machine learning model inside BigQuery at no additional cost.  

Currently, Google Cloud Platform datasets include the following databases: 

With all these databases and BigQuery ML, you can develop a data-driven model for the spread of this infectious disease, better understand, study, and analyze the impact of COVID-19. Together with the Google Cloud team, we believe that the COVID-19 Public Dataset Program will enable better and faster research to combat the spread of this disease.

For more information, visit About COVID-19 Public Datasets and COVID-19 Public Datasets BigQuery Public Datasets Program pages on the official Google Cloud Platform website. 

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