Nioxin Client Consultation

Nioxin is a market leader for salon professional products in over 40 countries all over the world. Along with the hair care products themselves, Nioxin also provides a special consultancy mobile app for hairstylists to pick the ideal solution for their clients’ haircare.

Project details

Nioxin Client Consultation is a tool for Nioxin salons and products distributors to choose the best fitting product for their clients and see the statistics of hair improvement over time. Salon owners and managers also can track the performance of their staff and the progress of their salons.

Available as native iOS and Android apps in the stores as well as a web plugin, the tools’ algorithms take the user through a specially designed test to narrow down the options and the final report can be sent to the user by email.

Considering the tight deadlines, the APP Solutions developers worked efficiently in cooperation with the Nioxin team to develop the instrument from the ground up to fit the timeline.

Romolo Ganzerli

Senior Global Digital Marketing Manager | Coty Inc.

It’s a true pleasure to work with The APP Solutions because it never feels like a client/supplier relationship: it’s a true collaboration aiming at delivering the best possible experience to our users, on time and within budget.

The main challenge was to set up the logic throughout the mobile apps’ and web plugin backend in order to provide the quality consultancy test.

We have chosen to take the native iOS and Android app development route instead of cross-platform in order to utilize the maximum of phones’ capabilities, such as camera integration for simulated UV skin scan.

Investing time into thoughtfully building the product’s architecture from the ground up allowed to streamline the production and meet the deadlines. The development began around the middle of May and the alpha testing versions had to be ready by August 1, giving the developers less than three months from start to finish.

Using technology stack

Having assessed the requirements of the project, our team has worked on building the proper project architecture first, followed by mobile apps and web plugin development, alongside with the project’s backend.

We have used a traditional outsourcing model for this project and the team consisted of 10 people altogether. There were two iOS and two Android mobile developers, 2 Quality Assurance engineers, backend developer, HTML developer, designer, and Project Manager who oversaw all the cooperation, communication, and planning processes.

Consultation Tool

The main goal of the Nioxin hair care products is to transform thinning hair into fuller thicker hair. Therefore, the Nioxin mobile apps as well as web plugin are a complex specially designed test that gives recommendations regarding which Nioxin hair care product would be most fitting for the given client’s hair type. The built-in DERMA and DENSITY hair scanner checks the client’s hair and saves the data to keep track of the progress.


The apps and web plugins collect the information about the client’s hair characteristics. The DERMA and DENSITY photos are added to the client profile so hairstylists can provide reliable solutions and track improvements for loyal clients who come again and again.

Salon Management

Specially for the salon owners and managers, a feature was developed to track the performance of their staff members. Whether it’s one location or multiple, salon owners have the access to the statistics of how their employees performed in regards to recommending a Nioxin hair care product.


Nioxin Consultancy Tool was an interesting and challenging project to create. It required a lot of proactive thinking and methods that in the end helped to fit into the deadlines without compromising quality. Currently the team is working on implementing more support features as well as adding more languages to the app, making it available to new people and new markets.

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