Cloud Engineering

Сloud is a vital element  in digital transformation for enterprises and  businesses across verticals for cost-efficiency and easy scalability

We can help you:

 - Prepare your project for visitors and data increase
  - Make sure you're getting all the cloud benefits
  - Automate processes and raise efficiency
  - Keep sensitive company info private, while enjoying the cloud benefits

We offer industry solutions:

Cloud migration
Start the digital transformation of your project with the help of a cloud technologies. We can audit your infrastructure, help define your expectations, adapt your project for the transfer to cloud. Say goodbye to the legacy code issues.
Cloud optimization
Minimize the delays, expenses, and efforts by ensuring the optimal cloud usage. Our cloud architects can audit your projects, access cloud maturity, and find perfect solutions for your business.
Cloud automation
Accelerate time to market and keep your projects agile using cloud automation. It includes  microservice architecture, containerization, cloud autoscaling options, Infrastructure as a code(IaC) service, as well as cloud testing and QA automation.
Hybrid Cloud development
Keep your enterprise data about business, sales, and other sensitive information on private cloud while benefiting from running analytics queries in public one, which can autoscale according to demand. Hybrid cloud connects your on-premise infrastructure with public cloud to streamline the process

Check our related case studies:

Real-time diagnostics
We have created with Google Cloud Platform developers and researchers from the University of Queensland an end-to-end streaming pipeline for pathogen detection on Google Cloud Platform. Learn more>>
Affiliate Marketing
We've transferred our custom affiliate system to the new one built on Google Cloud Platform. We've ensured a smooth transition and scalability. Learn more>>
Ad Anti-Fraud System
To provide smooth and reliable scalability in cases of processing large quantities of incoming information, we’ve used Google Cloud Platform and its autoscaling features. Learn more>>

  Cloud Engineering Team:

  • Solutions Architect
  • Developer
  • Business Analytic
  • Cloud Architect
  • Data Engineer

Cloud Engineering Process:

  • Technical Audit & Research
  • Documentation
  • Development
  • Deployment & Supports

Technologies and  Frameworks

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes


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