Data Engineering & Science

 With Data Science Engineering's help, you can be more proactive in your business decisions, deliver relevant products and services as well as personalized offers to your target audience, optimize efficiency of your processes, and mitigate risks and fraud

We can help you:

- Prepare your project for incoming data
  - Setup data collection system for your business
  - Analyze the incoming data for business intelligence insights

We offer industry solutions:

Data Infrastructure
Prepare the ground for the data analysis. We can integrate various data sources into your system, create real-time batch data storage infrastructure and processing systems, and develop API for serving the processed data.
Data Mining
Detect trends and anomalies in the incoming data to predict the future with the help of Data Mining. This service also can help with modeling target audience as well as gathering information about product or service use.
Data Analytics
Extract relevant and valuable business intelligence insights from available data to optimize business processes and raise their effectiveness. We can also create custom dashboards for the data to make the decision making process more simple.

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Ad Anti-Fraud System
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Data Engineering Team:

  • Solutions Architect
  • Developer
  • Business Analytic
  • Data Scientist
  • Applied ML Engineer
  • Data Engineer

Data Engineering Process:

  • Technical Audit & Research
  • Documentation
  • Development
  • Deployment 
  • Support

Technologies and Frameworks

SQL, Jupyter, Python, R, Pytorch, TensorFlow, Google Cloud, AWS, GitHub, Docker, NewRelic, REST API, Apache Beam, Cloud PubSub, Pandas, Kubernetes


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