Project details

Evan Iezzi, CEO & Founder of the NUWBII had the ambition to create a platform that could support local business on one side and to make the consumers` experience more refined from another one.

By using an app, customers can find the newest businesses, try them first among the friends, share an experience in social media, and even become a trendsetter!

In its turn, owners of local business get an instrument to promote their goods and services and get the audience they want.

The APP Solutions developed a professional, user-friendly website and mobile app for my project. Their ability to understand the needs and sensibility of my idea made the process easy and created a useful product that I am proud of. I continue to work with The App Solutions team and recommend them with the utmost confidence.

— Evan Iezzi
CEO & Founder Nuwbii

The APP Solutions team had to deliver real business value to the user-focused product.

Before proceeding with creating the mobile app, we first had to identify the target market. Our business analysts carefully studied personas, their habits, and behavior patterns. This helped us to understand what features do users require.

Also, we had to create a mechanism for businesses so they could ensure clients with perceived value of deals and discounts.

Our Solution

Basically, the system consists of the mobile application for users, the website, and the business page.

The custom mobile app was developed for iOS operation system. It contains all the information about local businesses, reviews, ratings, etc.

A website is a tool for the official communication and promotion of the product. The business page was created to provide local businesses with all the necessary information. It also gives business owners access to the admin dashboard.

Using technology stack

We have created the whole ecosystem of the project, including back-end and front-end for two websites. Technologies behind this scope of work are HTML, JS, CSS, Twitter BootStrap, Require.js, Jquery, Less, Gulp.js, Bower, Nginx, PHP, Silex, MySQL, and Composer.

The application was developed both for iPhone and iPad within compliance with all UX regulations and design guidelines required for the each device. The tech stack for this solution is Swift 2, UIKit, ObjectMapper, Alamofire, Youtube SDK, Google+ SDK.

Business page

Business owners can get to the Nuwbii’s business page right from the main website page. Completing the quick registration allows them to bring their activities to the search engine of the app and become the part of the community. Now all customers can explore their service.

Owners can place the list of promotions and offer right on the page of their local business in the application. All information is under the control of the proprietor with the access through admin dashboard.


In fact, the geolocation component is getting the main role in the whole idea. The results of a search are organized by the current location of the user. First, the customer sees the closest spots to him. He can read all the information, choose the place and pin other areas for later.

Also, the user can narrow down the options by picking other location and settings.


We created software delivery strategy and a set of capabilities needed to build and deploy engaging high-quality mobile app rapidly. All internal processes of the project were taken into consideration which resulted in enhancing mobile presence and customer loyalty. The product helps businesses to become closer to their clients by adding themselves to the map of their interests and lifestyle habits. At the same time, the user-oriented interface helps customers to discover new places and useful products and get new exciting consumer experience.

Don’t miss a thing!

As far as Nuwbii opens new possibilities both for customers and business owners, don`t lose a chance to explore something new for your business or everyday life routine with our awesome solution.