A Short Guide to iPhone App Design

The iPhone app design is an integral part of the application’s success in the market. Apple has set the usability and design bar incredibly high, so the platform requires a lot of attention to the design. The users on iOS are used to having an intuitive interface so they have some pretty high expectations as to the design of the third-party apps.

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When you design app for iPhone you need to ask yourself a few questions before proceeding to photoshop or sketch. Start with the basic questions like what is the main focus of the application, what functionality requires the most of user’s attention, think if he/she needs any tips to understand what the application is all about.

Then, eventually proceed to more complicated questions and solutions like the placement of the elements on the screen, their sizes and other similar things. 

Benchmarking the iPhone design apps

benchWhen you design iPhone app - it can be a good idea to search for some benchmarks on the App Store. Search your category for some apps with similar functionality and start analyzing the design that they use. Try using the app in various situations and see how the app handles it. For example try to break the regular user experience workflow and see whether the interface gives you any usage tips or if it handles such behavior in a different way.

Try analyzing the colors that are being used and try to find out how you app design can differentiate from the competition. Users love fresh design ideas as long as they are intuitive enough.

There is always a great aspiration to create something new in terms of ux mobile design, but the main problem is that you need to test if your design is convenient enough for your target users. It can be done by asking your friends or acquaintances to try out the app with your design and get the feedback from them. 

The details in applications for iPhone designs

detWhen designing apps for iPhone you need to pay a lot of attention to the details in the design. All interface elements need to have a function and be placed in the intuitive places around the screen. A good idea is to follow the Apple’s HIGs (Human Interface Guidelines) - a huge set of rules for designing the app for iOS.

These instructions are not obligatory but rather recommendatory. There is a lot you can learn from these instructions when you design app for iPhone. The placement of controls, the types of alerts, the highlights of certain elements, the color palette, color schemes, the usage of both system and custom UI elements.

Even if you are planning to use your own unique design - don’t hesitate to tread through the HIG’s because it was compiled by professional designers and that means there is always a great piece of advice that can be found there. Always design apps for iPhone with iOS user in mind. And always remember to try to make the design as intuitive as possible.

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Valery Filipets


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