Hot News from our Tel-Aviv Trip

Last week The App Solutions team spent in Tel-Aviv. We had a very tight schedule during this week and wanted to share with you some news and insights.

We have started from the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) on March 22. The conference was really busy with events and meetings. We have discussed the potential cooperation with such company representatives like Maya Dror Melamed, the Marketing Director of G2M; Maria Levin, IT&Communication Manager of Harel-Hertz; Jonathan D. Fox, Business Development Manager from Mobilda; Moses Abudarham, Head of Strategic Relations from Wombat; Eve Sal, International Business Developer from Numberly; Mike Milgram, Business Development Manager from Edge226, etc. We are looking forward to furthering collaboration and partnership.

Also, as we had announced before, there was a tech meetup held by The App Solutions in a cozy coworking office called Merkspace. Our Global Business Development Manager conducted a presentation “How to create an engaging app and what will make it successful.” 

This meeting revealed some interesting insights:

  1. Clients prefer to outsource development, but leave in-house marketing and in some cases UI/UX.
  2. Startups are mostly interested in developing MVP (minimum viable product).
  3. Most of the startups and big companies looking for outstaffing development model.

And the last, but not least, now we have an official representative in Israel, and we are open 24/7 for any requests. You can always find our partner Alex Kaplunov-Tov by Tel-Aviv number 972732649477 or visit our office: 121 Dvora HeNevi'a Street building 2, Tel-Aviv.