As a mobile developer you dream about three things: 1) create killer mobile apps, 2) get them downloaded by millions of users, and 3) create more killer apps that get downloaded by even more users. But hard truth is that this path is tricky and misleading.

There’re lots of stumbling blocks and misconceptions which might take you away from the right path. That’s why avoiding crucial mobile app development pitfalls comes into the first place. 

Myth 1: Pay-to-download apps are the deal-breaker

When you come to Wal-Mart, you pay once to get a product you need. However, this rule of thumb isn’t the only monetization option (and definitely not the most effective!) in the world of mobile applications!

It might sound crazy, but FREE apps bring developers MORE MONEY! Check out these figures: in 2016 free apps were downloaded by users 287 billion times in comparison to only 3 billion paid app downloads. Consequently, mobile users prefer FREE stuff and apps, which must fix your marketing efforts in the right direction.  

So, the first myth is busted!  

Myth 2: Trusting your gut is better than trusting a team of paid experts

That’s your app, that’s your brainchild, that’s your masterpiece, that’s you…  Continue the list as you wish. “My app, my rules, right?”

Wrong, this line of thinking leads to zero profits. Trusting your gut is good, but modern mobile marketing is all about thorough data research, analysis, testing, reaching out to clients, gathering feedback, and deliberate decision making. Trusting your sixth sense led you to set forth a mobile app, but now it’s time to trust proven figures instead of pure intuition.

Thus, the myth is busted too.

Myth 3: Eye-candy beats the content value

Some developers make their apps aesthetically appealing but somehow forget to fill it with proper content. First impressions are most lasting, yet no matter how grand the sweetie paper is, a candy must be as good. Otherwise the only time a user opened your app and viewed an ad would be this first time when nifty visuals but poor content had risen to view.

Remember – arty package is the thing that draws attention and makes a user download your app, while it’s engaging content that makes people open an app time after time, watching ads and making your bank account fatty.     

‘Eye-candy over mind-candy’ myth busted.

Myth 4: When an app is done, the job is over too

So, you’ve developed an app, published it on Play Market, landed an advertising deal, now it’s high time to sit back and wait for the money flow to you like from the horn of Amalthea. Offering relevant content and updating features isn’t necessary either.

Well, with such an approach users will simply forget about your app and delete it for good. To keep ad money makes you happy every day you have to work on that product 24 hours a day, gather statistics, look for new channels to engage the audience, elaborate on usability, etc. Just as you stop working, revenue will stop flowing. Those ads won’t just watch themselves, you know!

Lazy app developer myth busted.

Myth 5: Number one or none at all

Many app developers, especially beginners get carried away by the pursuit of being this number one add so much they forget about other things that matter at the moment. To make an app being the most downloaded in Apple Store, for instance, you have to first raise a bump or two, step on some rakes on the road, learn and adopt best practices, and only then watch your product climb the popularity ladder straight to the top.

Plus, if your app isn’t in at least TOP-100’s most popular applications, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. So…

…the fifth and final myth just has been busted too.      

Slow and steady (and definitely not greedy!) wins the race

What’s wrong with today’s app developers? Meaning, why so many great ideas never make it to users’ mobile devices? It’s a lack of consistency and promise of quick enrichment!

Too many catch an idea to quickly set up a simple app and earn publishing ads. However, few actually make it to the production stage. First-week development zeal shrinks to a nullity right till week number two, and so another brilliant idea gets buried under laziness and inability to draw up a business plan or code a couple of coherent functions.

But those who are persistent usually win the cash race. Even if moving gradually, step by step you’ll reach success given you’re dedicated, result-oriented, and have a solid plan to guide you further. Getting rich quickly creating a simple app is a myth, perhaps the biggest out there, so have a cool head on your shoulders to bust it from day one working on your new app.

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