On March 2015 The APP Solutions Company signed partnership agreement with one of US best mobile game developers Nravo. This company is a proved international leader in the sphere of game development.

This event became a significant step for these two successful companies. Rich experience in native mobile application development for social, media, healthcare spheres became a good complement to Nravo’s exciting and rich game development experience.

The APP Solution’s activity on American and European markets was under precise attention of investors and potential clients who were actively looking for vendors specialized in both mobile and game development.

By combining two different directions of IT business, they managed to create whole range of services for their clients. Starting with website development, UA/UX design, application development and ending up with animated game development followed by timely realization and deployment of the project.

Nravo Company possesses portfolio which proves them to be one of leading game development studios with successful games and millions of downloads in AppStore and Google Play. Among them are Hero Pop and LightoMania. Among Nravo’s official partners are: Apple, Google, Opera etc. On the other hand, The APP Solutions Company offers unique expertise in mobile technology, high-quality development of server solutions, ability to implement complex media projects (video, audio streaming) and application prototyping of multi-functional projects.

This partnership will help Nravo strengthen its positions on EMEA markets and offer their clients development of unique and exciting games. The APP Solutions in its turn greatly benefits from this cooperation by expanding its potential on international business market.