Everyone’s shifting mobile nowadays, getting things done on the go – communication, purchases, job, etc. Consequently, businesses adapt to this escalating life tempo to stay helpful and in this way highly demanded by more and more users out there.

The first expert we invited for a talk is our Business Analyst Max. And this guy knows for sure what features to include in your mobile app and optimize the overall cost of the venture. At the end of the day, a penny saved is a penny earned.

This is the reason why we’ve craved to hear first-hand information on the importance of an administration panel for mobile applications straight from Max.

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The formula of the interviews will look like this:

  • a range of major disturbing questions on the topic to the expert;
  • live examples to showcase discussed issues;
  • helpful advice from the guru on how to manage a particular matter the best way.

So, let’s get started. And the first specialist we decided to get the opinion from is The App Solutions Business Analyst Max Yushchenko.

This is the person who explains in detail and then confirms in figures everything regarding appropriate mobile apps for different business fields, latest and most suitable features to include in your software, all opportunities, threats, and solutions to go profitable within the mobile app and your venture altogether.


Hello, Max. It’s nice to host you today. How do you feel about being a pioneering expert in our new project? After all, you know everything about the benefits of different features within a variety of mobile applications.


Hey, Kate. Probably that is my major task as Business Analyst at The App Solutions – to lead entrepreneurs in their decision-making, define requirements, possible problems of the project and find the best possible solutions for them.


Getting to our topic, here is my first off question – Please explain, what Admin Panel is all about in the context of mobile applications?


Well, originally it’s your management tool as the app’s owner. Depending on the capacity of your admin console, you can execute any control function – from setting up user permissions, keeping track of new sign ups and active users to managing content, checking browse stats, sending notifications, etc.


Are there some mobile apps, which don’t need an admin panel to perform fully?


Of course, they exist. It’s still a minority of mobile apps (usually with simpler functionality), which don’t require any user and content-related operations and perform one or two steady jobs. Calculator, flashlight, or compass are the best examples of such apps.

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But what is so vital about the admin panel? What is its’ role in the complete mobile application?


First and foremost, when dealing with any type of content within the mobile app, there is no other way than adding and updating it through the admin panel.

E.g., CMS (Content Management System) is a good case of the admin panel for e-commerce or local business apps like Tripper Guru. This tool is an essential part of the mobile application, which allows different groups of users to add their content and this way interact with each other.

Without this segment most applications simply don’t exist, so you cannot call the admin panel just beneficial – it’s a significant and inevitable part of the entire system.

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A tip from the expert


Thanks a lot, Max. It was as clear as it was brief. And for dessert, we’re expecting a sharp recommendation from you.

For those mobile app projects, which require an admin panel on board, what are the ways to optimize cost for building administration functionality?


That’s a good question, thank you, Kate. And I have a couple of solutions for that.

One of them is using the above mentioned Content Management Systems as the admin panel for your mobile app. Why does it help to reduce the overall cost? Because it’s a pre-made solution and you don’t need to build it from the scratch. It’s a ready-to-go backend platform for your app. Easy and quick.

Of course, it doesn’t work for each and every application type. For some projects, on the contrary, it’s better to build a custom CMS. The choice is only a matter of the functionality required.

The other solution is a highly precise setting of the task to your development team. And it means the explanation of all the details and capacities you want to see in your admin panel. The exact scope of tasks for your developers will result in less time spent in discussions and trials, which reduces your budget for developers’ salaries.

I think these are the two best-aimed ways to correct your budget for an admin panel of the app, at the same time enhancing the quality of the concluding product.

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It sounds really good, Max. Thanks for your time and an abundance of useful information. That was educative indeed 🙂


Thanks for hosting me, Kate. It’s always a pleasure sharing my knowledge and experience for the sake of our clients’ prosperity.

Stay tuned for more exciting Expert Interviews soon, guys!

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