• Affiliate marketing platforms and other marketing tools
  • Built-in content creation instruments
  • Ad-block bypass options
  • Custom access roles to seamlessly work with third-party suppliers & partners
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Feature-rich Magento platform
  • Personalized offers for your customers
  • Integration with logistical and payment systems
  • Mobile application creation and support
  • Options for marketplaces and traditional retail businesses
  • Custom solutions
  • UX-oriented designs
  • Logistics and processes optimization
  • Rich admin panel for full control
  • Multiple languages support
  • Custom user permissions for various roles
  • Mobile apps integrated with complex backend

iOS frameworks

Touch ID

We can provide an extra level of security for your app by utilizing the fingerprint scanning technologies from Apple. This technology is best used for secure user authorization.


If your business is oriented at healthcare why not use the incredible infrastructure that Apple is providing with it’s HealthKit for your app.

Watch Kit

If you need to port your iOS App to the Apple Watch we are more than capable of assisting you in this venture.

Apple Pay

Selling physical goods with the help of Apple Pay is simple. The Apple Pay platform is growing at an enormous pace and it can be a pretty smart decision to implement it into your business.


If your app includes any functionality of sorting or editing photos than our skills with PhotosKit will be of much help for you

App Extensions

With App Extensions you can expand your app’s functionality across other apps on the user’s phone, as well as the system overall.


The homekit framework for iOS will help in connecting your hardware devices with iPhone and iPad devices.

Cloud Kit

iCloud is a powerful platform that provides users and developers with cloud support for users. We can help you leverage the technology when developing your application.


Core Data

The Core Data is a framework that offers a set of general solutions to various tasks connected with object life-cycle as well as object graph management.

Core Text

The technology is designed for applications that need a low-level text handling technologies that correlates with the Core Graphics framework.


Reveal is an incredible tool that brings powerful runtime view debugging to iOS developers. It allows debugging view layout and rendering problems in a matter of seconds.

Cocos 2D

Cocos 2D is a open-source universal framework that is designed to build 2D mobile games in Xcode.


A great framework to optimize the development workflow while working on the Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development basis.


AFNetworking is a great networking library that is built on top of Foundation URL Loading System that helps extend the powerful high-level networking


Reveal is an incredible tool that brings powerful runtime view debugging to iOS developers. It allows debugging view layout and rendering problems in a matter of seconds.


Cocoapods is an awesome depensancy manger for Swift and Objective-C. It helps developers scale projects fast by providing almost 10 thousand libraries.


Expecta is an awesome matcher framework for Objective-C and Cocoa



Is a replacement for SQLite and Core Data (in iOS). This tool allows to save weeks and sometimes even months on the development.

ORM Lite

Object Relational Mapping Lite is an open source framework that helps persist Java objects to SQL databases.


Protobuf is a platform-neutral mechanism for serializing structured data. This tool is helping to structure the data in a fast and simple way.


A REST client designed for Android and Java.


An incredible tool designed to speed up the testing of an Android app during the development process thus saving our client’s money.


Gradle is an awesome automation tool that is capable of automating building, testing, publishing and deployment.


This tool allows publish-subscribe-style communication between components.



A mobile commerce platform and push-notification provider that helps implement various solutions that enhance the application.


Jenkins is a continuous integration tool that provides a server-based system assisting the software development process. It helps dramatically decrease the deployment time.


The service provides a powerful cloud database, push-notifications management and an analytics platform.


DropBox offers a wide variety of services that can be used by app developers. The service offers multi platform cloud storage of photos, docs and videos.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service is a powerful online file storage tool that can be used for a wide variety of development needs.



Objective-C is a general-purpose , object-oriented programming language used to develop iOS and OS X applications and is still considered to be the main programming language.


Swift is a relatively new programming language that was designed by Apple Inc. It is used for developing iOS and OS X applications.


Hypertext Markup Language is the most used language for Web Development.


Java is a general purpose programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. The language is used for developing various app, including Android applications.


PHP is a server side scripting language designed for web development but also widely used as a general purpose programming language.


Cascading Style Sheets is a special language used to describe the look and behavior of HTML documents.

Agile Frameworks


Scrum is an iterative agile software development methodology for managing product development. It helps optimize the resources and development planning.

Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development is an iterative software development process that is focusing on testing the hypothesis by delivering the product iterations at a fast pace.

Feature Driven Development

FDD is an iterative and incremental process of software development. It’s main aim is to deliver a tangible working software repeatedly and based on a strict schedule.



A very powerful mobile analytics tool for apps of any kind. The tools offers wide analytical possibilities based on big data that the company works with.

Google Analytics

GA is the most universal and popular digital analytics service. It provides a huge set of powerful analytical tools for measuring your app’s performance.


Mixpanel provides an incredible tool for measuring practically anything within your app. It basically offers a way to measure actions, rather than screen views.


Appsalar offers a vast set of cohort, funnel and attribution measurement tools that help app developers get the detailed picture of user acquisition, retention, LTV and important metrics.