Effective Ad Tech / Mar Tech Solutions

Marketing communications are key elements for company’s prosperity. AdTech / MarTech is ever-changing highly competitive industry that needs reliable and inventive solutions in order to make successful ad campaigns. That’s exactly what we do.

Ad campaigns are highly dependent on manageability and reliability of incoming data. If you can’t work with your information - then there is no point in doing the campaign in the first place.

We build custom content management solutions to ensure increase content utilization and accessibility. Our company designs and implements data-related operations with multi-faceted dashboards in order to assure more accurate understanding of the state of things. We develop tools to organize, sort, translate and subsequently share data for the benefit of improving and refining advertising strategies. Our applications provide smooth ad creatives delivery to maximize content utilization and ensure high uptime and scalability.

We deliver easy-to-use in-house solutions for media buying capabilities, inventory and campaign management. Our products help to gain full control over the entire advertising operation.


Our AdTech / MarTech Solutions


  • Marketing dashboards

  • Pixel Tracking

  • Ad-hoc monitoring

  • Datasets grouping by purpose

  • Inventory utilization analysis and forecasting

  • Channel attribution analysis

  • Monitoring and alerts function

  • Enterprise data integration and exporting

  • Automatic tracking inventory quality and optimization

  • Analytics API

  • Machine learning fraud detection

  • Customer segments on the fly


  • Email marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Social media marketing management

  • Campaign management and control

  • Retargeting

  • Audience targeting and retargeting

  • Contacts/Partners database

  • Attribution models

  • Inventory management

  • Built-in optimization algorithms

  • Paywall for loyal subscribers

  • Prediction and recommendation

  • Cookie matching and tag management

  • Smooth integration with internal systems


  • Ad tags management

  • Adaptive creatives

  • Advertising sandboxing

  • 3rd party tracking integration

  • Affiliate, loyalty & referral

  • Personalization engines

  • In-built anomaly detection

  • Audience segmentation

  • DMP for first-party data

  • Operational support

Download our guide to AdTech to learn:

  • What are the biggest challenges the AdTech industry faces and how to deal with them?

  • How do you get the data?

  • What do you do with all that collected data?

  • How do you store all that data?

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